Penis Shrinkage – Yes You Read It Here First

With all the insane things about Covid going on I’m been at a loss to think up new ideas for my blog. I used to base it on the stupidity that I encountered daily, but that became so common it lacked being notable. However new things come to light if you look around.

A follower of my blog recently sent me to a link that talked about the risk of prolonged use of face masks. I read the usual causes acne, causes bad breath, causes anxiety, etc. Well men, you are gonna have a lot more anxiety when this becomes front page news. However, my bet is Administrator Biden will never let this get to the mass media.

Wearing a face mask will make your dick shrink. Yeah, you read that right. What guy do you know walking around saying yeah, my disco stick is too long, I hope it shrinks? If you’re one, grab a mask and keep it on. I know you’re reading this going no way, but do your research. Ever heard of phthalate? The microns in it cause all kinds of problems including, penis shrinkage.

No way you’ll see Slightly sporting one after today. When asked to wear one men, just say “sorry, got a medical condition”. If asked to clarify look them straight in the eye and say “it will shrink my bologna pony”. That should stop the questions right then.

If you’re one of those less than average endowded men, give this some heavy thought. Would your spouse find this situation ok? I truly doubt it unless your previous career was a porn star with a huge pecker. But then again, that may be why she married you so have the conversation and make sure.

If you’re not believing me check this. I got it directly from the manufacturers website.

Phthalate exposures in humans has been linked to changes in sex hormone levels, altered development of genitals, and low sperm count and quality.

Another side affect is lowering masculine qualities in young boys and people, believe me when I say, we do not need young men or even grown ass men being less masculine than the ones we’re raising in this latest generation.

Peace out fellow Americans and keep those anacondas swinging. Signed Slightly


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