Personal Catch Phrase

Ever met or heard of some people, usually famous, that have a catch phrase or are well known for using a particular phrase all the time?

A reader sent me in a blog idea and I think I like it enough that it could likely become my personal catch phrase. Some days things are so screwed up I’m kind of known for my standard response of “screw my life”. But I took this readers idea and I found a new way to start my day, boost myself up with confidence or just remind myself I’m alive.

Each day when I get up I’m going to tell myself this. As I walk out my front door with coffee in hand, I’m going to tell myself this. When I walk into work and sit down in front of this keyboard, I’m going to boost myself by repeating it again.

We all repeat to ourselves, “it can’t get any worse”, or “today will be a better day”. Those are just something we say but I am going to live my new phrase. Each day as I walk out the door I’m going to proclaim – I’M GOING TO KICK TODAY IN THE DICK”.

Thanks to my unnamed blog reader, you have made Slightly smile for the day and quite a few others more than likely.

Peace out Mr. MH and wherever you are, and kick today in the dick.

Signed Slightly –


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