Only Because You Asked

I don’t like to get into politics on my blog but since you asked, lol. I had a follower email and ask “don’t you have any opinion on this Covid situation?” Normally, I don’t delve into politics because being a slight sociopath, if it doesn’t affect me I simply don’t care. However, being asked to weigh in on my opinion makes me feel I should. And, since you asked. . . .

Do I believe there is a covid virus? Of course I do as I know a few people that have developed the virus. Do I believe is is a virus that was accidentally spread from a lab? Hell no. While I watch Walking Dead we all know the chances of these viruses “accidentally” getting out of that controlled environment is slim. Do I think it was a controlled event that got out of hand? Not sure but if I was forced to state an opinion,, this would be mine.

We have had AIDS for 10+ years and have no vaccine or even a actual preventative solution. Cancer has been around for 100 years and no closer to a vaccine or cure than we were 25 years ago. Also ask yourself this. Cats can contract feline aids but yeah we have a vaccine to prevent that. Well you’re dumb or have your head up your ass if you don’t think we’d have cures or vaccines for those if we wanted them. Aids medications in the US average $1,500 to $4,000 a month. Breast cancer treatment runs in excess of $200,000. Do you really think the drug companies want to find a cure or vaccine? Hell no. Look at the massive amounts of money they make on the treatments. A huge breast cancer foundation spends less than 2% of donations on prevention, the rest is drugs for treatment.

But I digress, which is why Slightly doesn’t normally get involved in current events. Am I the only one that sees Covid as an amazing opportunity for our government? This virus popped up just in time to affect a monumental election and has continued as a way to control the masses.

From the beginning of the election year up to the time it was all said and done, we got a daily update on Covid. Every day you opened a paper, watched the news or even pulled up google on your phone and there is was. All day, every day, you get updates on the cases of Covid, the spread of Covid and hell even a list of “stars” that contracted Covid. It got so bad even the CDC admitted the numbers were false. They admitted the most of the deaths attributed to Covid were people with underlying issues. Many hospital admins finally admitted the numbers included a lot of cases and deaths listed as Covid because it brought more government funds for that hospital. Administrator Biden gets elected and wow, did we cure Covid? Did it run it’s course like every other virus we have had in the past? Imagine that. Because I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard a Covid number or update in months. I think the last real updates were in December and January. Did Biden cure Covid or more likely, did the election being over rid us of the need to scare the shit out of people nationwide? Every day I heard how Trump was doing nothing to slow Covid. Yet, Biden has done nothing either except hand out more money and viola, no more Covid news.

Let me tell you what else Coivd has done. It has made millions of people dependent on their governments, especially in the US. They closed small businesses and kept them closed by the news every hour of what we now know were GREATLY inflated numbers. They kept them closed till they gave up or went bankrupt. The ones that didn’t closed were told, hey the government will give you free loans to stay in business. Well don’t you remember your mom telling you nothing in life is free? Those aren’t government loans, those are taxpayer funded loans. No different than any other government money. They want to erase student debt. It’s not erased. Those loans were government backed so while you don’t have to pay the bank back that money, the taxpayers do. One more way of keeping us on our knees.

Unemployment programs were meant to help with expenses for people fired until they could find a new job. Now we have plans that pay people not only who were fired, but who simply decided not to work anymore. You don’t even have to qualify, everyone is eligible. What makes it even worse is unemployment is no longer a fill in till you get a job. It’s now better than having a job. People are telling their employers they don’t want to come back to work until unemployment runs out. Employers are finding their unemployemnt payments to the state have gone from 1% and under to about 5% across the board. We have set into place a program that encourages people to lay in bed, watch TV or anything other than work. Did you know under current unemployment laws you get paid $15 an hour to sit home and the government thinks its working so well that they have extended the program. You can now sit home and make $15 and hour ($600 weekly) for over 2 years. We are teaching an entire generation that you can be taken care of without supporting yourself. Hmm isn’t that how it started in Cuba and other communist countries? In 10 years we will be a socialistic society. The government will supply what they tell you that you need when they decide you need it. Better stop and ask some people that live in those type of governments how they like it. Should be easy enough since many have moved here instead.

So as you asked, what are my thoughts on Covid? It was used to frighten people into voting a certain way during a major election and is still being used to control people. Bottom line is money controls people. The more you need something, like our government, the easier it is to control what you do and many times what you believe.

Keep taking those government handouts. Stay on that sofa and make $15 an hour until one day that handout comes to an end. Then you’ll remember that nothing worth having is free. That money was paid by the taxpayers and every day we have fewer and fewer taxpayers. Look at the 20 somethings sitting home rather than working cause why work if you get paid to sit home. Those are the ones that will be running your country in 20 years.

So yes, I believe the Covid virus does exist. No, I do not believe it is as major an issue as our politicians have tried to convince us it is. Yes, I think it unbelievable that we have a vaccine less than a year later and right after that big election. No, I do not believe exposure to this virus was a huge accident. I believe it was planned and staged to affect a nation in upheaval and control the outcome of an election and I think it has been left to run amuck as it allows the government to continue to control Americans thru money.

In closing, while I also keep religion out of my blog, Americans better start getting on those knees a lot more often and pray God does something soon. This country is on a the fast track to hell in a hand basket.

Peace out fellow Americans. Signed Slightly


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  1. OMG……I so could have written this one…none of my friends want to believe me. I just want to scream    “Don’t You  People See It!!!!!!” dee lowe 


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