White privilege. If I hear this phrase one more time I think I might puke or slap the shit out of someone when it comes out of their mouth, whichever enters my mind first. Do you know the definition of the word privilege? Do even half the people spouting that phrase on a daily basis know the definition of that word?

Privilege is defined as a special right given to or only available to a particular group of people. While “white privilege” may have existed in this country in the past, it sure as hell doesn’t today so stop pissing and whining about it. We are so far from white privilege that most people have no idea what it even means. It’s become just another excuse for shitty people to behave like assholes.

Take affirmative action. If 2 people apply for a job, have the same qualifications and one is a minority, the government says I need to hire the minority regardless if he/she is a total douche and the other is better suited for the job. Doesn’t that define privilege? Doesn’t that say the minority person isn’t smart enough or good enough on his own merit that you have to force me to hire them? If you are bidding on a contract and the other bidder is the same price, situation, etc. but minority or woman owned they get first preference. Again privilege.

I won’t discuss what race Slightly is as it doesn’t matter in this instance. Race issues in this country were getting better, then we had that nut Obama come along. He told people if there is one bad police officer they are all bad and should be treated like shit. Well Slightly damn sure isn’t jumping in front of a bullet for you for $30k a year. We’ve got the new political nuts telling you it’s ok to riot or attack people based on color. Obama told people that based on your skin color you deserve something. Bullshit. Just like we wanna scream about white privilege, we should have been standing up and saying NO ONE gets special treatment based on skin color.

Because some one’s ancestors were sold into slavery doesn’t mean we deserve a damn thing. Slave traders and people that could afford to buy them profited off the backs of those ancestors, and now every black man and woman screaming reparations is doing the same damn thing. You’re trying to make money off that person that was forced into slavery and it had no affect on you. It was a terrible time in this history of our country but it wasn’t just our country, it was world wide. Long before the Dutch salve traders hit Africa, Gaelic raiders kidnapped and enslaved people from across the Irish Sea for two centuries. Irish people were given passage to America as indentured servants. Most were never able to be released from work as they owed for travel, food, housing, etc. Most were mistreated and abused. Many were young children. Many were treated as bad and in some cases worse than the slaves sent here. Let’s also remember that most Dutch traders bought the people they hauled here from their own governments. Thank God it’s a time in our history that can never be repeated but it damn sure needs to be remembered. If you forget how bad things were it’s easier to let them revert back to those situations.

With all that being said, enough of the white privilege bullshit. It simply doesn’t exist in our society today. Today we are demanding people apologize for being white. Hell if you’re Coca Cola you’re hiring people and demanding they act less white. WTF is less white? You don’t even have to be white to stop and ask that. It’s the same all over the world. There are bad white people. There are bad black people, there are bad police officers and there are without a doubt, bad criminals.

Along the same lines, I heard a man yesterday screaming about law suits because a place wouldn’t rent to him because he was gay. Well how is who he’s banging an issue unless you make it one? I have rented a lot of houses/apartments, etc. Never once has the person renting the property asked if I was gay, bi, trans, or whatever new sexual preferences there are these days. They’ve asked am I honest. Do I pay my bills but never once have they asked who I dip my wick in. I guess if you’re banging on the door screaming I’m queer, I’m here and I demand you rent to me because of that, it might be your attitude not whether your a top or bottom that makes them not want you there. You looked like a problem before they ever let you move in.

We need to stop glorifying the race card, the I’m gay card, blaming specific professions for bad people’s behavior. People in general suck so stop demanding you get any privilege while you bitch about someone else getting it.

So peace out fellow fed up Americans. Signed Slightly –


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  1. OMG…….I have only discovered you recently and I am already thinking we just need to be joined at the hip. Its like you have reached in my brain and put my thoughts on paper. Frigging love ya! Are we allowed to share any part of your comments? Thanks so much for being you, please son’t stop

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