Our Current Government

Once again I preface this with it was not my intention to include politics in my blog. I had intended to keep this more along the lines of the insane, funny things I encounter or that simply pop into my head daily, hence the name of this blog. However, looking at our current “president” and his staff, let’s be honest, they are one of the biggest jokes at the moment. But hey Administrator Biden has managed to cure Covid.

How do I know he cured Covid you might ask? Well thru the beginning of January we received daily news with these terribly growing Covid numbers. Now a few short months later, viola no Covid updates, no daily numbers, no 24 hour a day death rates on the news. Thank you Administrator Biden. We are certainly blessed to have elected you. Dang even I almost gagged typing that last sentence.

But seriously now, is it just me or does anyone else see how this fool and his insane new laws, ideas, etc. are destroying this country? You were told close your business, stay home, avoid family and friends, wear a mask. All to prevent the spread of Covid yet here we are a year later and it’s still here so masks and isolation did nothing except further increase the dissolution of our national economy. Governors across the country are accepting that fact and reopening their states before they bankrupt everyone but that POS (piece of shit in case you don’t know) steps in, tries to overstep states and reclose things. Was thrilled to hear that the Florida governor told him to Fuck off.

I think the government has used this as a scape goat for everything but let’s face it, this country has been slipping downhill for a long time. The USA was a world super power. Then we got Obama. It was bad enough you told people you are entitled based on race or that because one police officer is bad, you should rise against them all, but then bowing to the kings of Muslim and other countries, backing down from that deranged nut that runs North Korea. This is the US of Fucking A and we don’t bow and we don’t run. North Korea wants to threaten the US? Teach him what Japan learned and nuke him into non-existence. Tell Muslim countries that you can live and act anyway you like in your country but don’t come here and try that stupid bullshit or you live with what the result of those actions are. Hell when they break OUR laws, lets use the punishments their countries do. Bet things change quick after a few public hangings or beheadings. I’ll even volunteer to tie that noose.

But I digress. This country really has become a joke to not only the world but the ones that live here also. The government has within a year, systematically destroyed our economy. They’ve closed businesses that were barely hanging on to start with. They’ve offered “free” loans to close yet pay employees but those loans are on the back of the backs of the taxpayer. Then they pay unemployment rates of twice people’s normal pay so they don’t work and now those struggling businesses have to pay back loans they were told were free because employees won’t work. They have put our country into a situation that we likely can’t recover from.

First they said don’t work, stay home. When people didn’t, they forced businesses to close so people couldn’t go to work. When that still didn’t work we as lazy Americans fell for this shit where we pay you not to work. The Almightly Dollar. Get $15 an hour to sit home and collect a government check. But as usual, we jump for free money.

Well people, nothing is free. The world leaders around the globe must be laughing their asses off. What was once a great nation is simply a quickly growing blister on the ass of the world. I can’t think of anything this administration could possibly do to further destroy our national economy but trust me, those jackasses certainly will. If this country survives this bullshit and our economy bounces back, it will be nothing short of a miracle from the good Lord.

By the way, as you click exit, ask yourself one thing. How is it we have a MAJOR workforce shortage across the country (yes every freaking state in the US) yet our unemployment numbers are higher now than they were last year in the middle of all this Covid bullshit? Why is no one asking that Fucktard Biden to explain this?

Peace out fellow fed up Americans. Signed Slightly (signedslightly@gmail.com)


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