Take A Knee – I Tried To Ignore the Controversy

Not being a big football fan, Slightly doesn’t watch unless friends are over but I still hear about the controversy over the take a knee crap. I had hoped it was all over now but a marine veteran asked me about it this weekend. Since I had a strong opinion (imagine that), I thought I’d share it with you. Aren’t you lucky.

Here’s my view on this take a knee bullshit. Football is a national past time in America. Games have always started with the National Anthem. What is there to offend you about a flag? It denotes no race, no religion, no sexual preference. It stands for nothing other than the country you live in. It symbolizes the strength and unity of the USA. If you don’t like the flag that represents your country, there are many other countries you can move to. Maybe you’ll get lucky and pick another one that kills people who disrespect their country or flag.

These athletes think they are making a statement but they only think that because the NFL and society have told them they are something special. They’ve been told they are entitled to be worshipped and they are heroes because they can catch or throw a ball. Hell my dog throws his own ball then runs and gets it. Doesn’t that make him a bigger hero than those that can only do one or the other? And he doesn’t get paid shit.

You want to meet some heroes? I mean real people that deserve your respect and support. The ones that gave these asswipes the privilege to take a knee. Go to your local FVW, there’s once in every town. Go to restaurants, bars, grocery stores and see how many walk in that door wearing a marine, army or air force uniform. Better yet, go to your local cemetery and look at gravestones. Many cities even have military cemeteries so you won’t have to look far. Go look at the Vietnam wall. Those are the men and women that deserve to be called heroes. Many came home and were disrespected, spit on, cussed at and protested and we tell kids some jackass that can throw a ball is a hero. What bullshit are we teaching kids.

My question is – when did our idea of what a hero is include football? When did we tell football players you are something special. If they aren’t, they wouldn’t feel the need to “make a statement” as no one would give a shit what they thought. The NFL survives on people crazy enough to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars to watch football. The NFL survives because advertisers pay millions to be seen on TV at the same time. Funny they have forgotten those people buying tickets are Americans. Those people seeing all those ads are Americans.

NFL owners should have stood up and stopped this bullshit. We are all entitled to an opinion. It’s what makes this country great, or it was great before Obama and Biden. Once a player puts on that uniform, he is an employee of whoever owns that team. That owner could have shut this down before it got crazy but they choose not to. Those owners and the NFL franchise could have stepped in and said have an opinion on your own time like every other employer in the world. But they chose not to. Why? Were they afraid the players would quit? Yeah tell them they have to stand and they’ll throw away that 5 million plus a year contract. Like that will happen. Were they afraid they would get some backlash. Hell, from who?

I’ve heard so many people say I won’t watch football again but the ratings are as high as ever. We as Americans have lost our pride and social outrage. We stand firm in our convictions until playoff games begin. Think there is nothing you can do? Think again.

Maybe the NFL doesn’t care but let’s be honest, it’s all a money game. If 1 out of every 10 Americans called, wrote or emailed those sponsors and advertisers and said you know what, as long as you sponsor football I won’t buy your product, you’d see things change in less than a week, guaranteed. If even 1 out of 100 said to Budweiser next time a sport you sponsor has a player take a knee, I’ll never buy your product again, you’d never hear another word about it.

Step up people and stop taking the shit that gets heaped on Americans. First it was football and taking a knee to protest our flag, then it was Nascar that said you can pay hundreds for season tickets but we’ll throw you out if you display a confederate battle flag anywhere. You’re told you have no right to your heritage. They went as far as to say if you don’t leave they’ll have you arrested for trespassing. Now Amazon blocks sellers and internet customers that don’t share their political opinion or support their same candidate. Coca Cola tells you be less white. WTF is that anyway?

Shit people, aren’t you fed up with all this bullshit? If you aren’t, reach out and and please tell me why. Slightly is damn sick and tired of being constantly told I should be ashamed to be American or that people deserve something based on color or get special treatment because you scream I’m gay. Basically, Slightly is just damn sick and tired period.

Peace out fellow protesters. Signed Slightly (signedslightly@gmail.com)


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One thought on “Take A Knee – I Tried To Ignore the Controversy

  1. 100% agree with you. I was shocked as hell that spoiled brat was allowed to get away with that from day one. Then before I could blink the whole damn team was doing it-WTF is wrong with us a whole?


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