Enough Bitching (hmm complaining) Already

Is it just me or are you sick and freaking tired of people bitching and complaining? I swear I think I hear it everywhere I go and about every possible subject.

Picking up my taxes today a man is complaining to his CPA about the taxes he owes. Please shut up. He didn’t set the tax rate. He didn’t rake in the dough all year and not pay in what you owed. Bottom line is everyone pays taxes. Don’t wanna pay taxes, have your address declared a sovereign state and don’t pay any. Just remember when your house catches on fire don’t dial 911 cause you didn’t pay any taxes to fund that fire department. Oh and you’ll need a ride to the store and work because you didn’t pay anything to put in or repair those roads.

This week I read an entire article just complaining about how bad the police are in their area because they questioned kids hanging around where there was a robbery. How they abuse their power and should be defunded. Well just remember, when your kid gets beat up or knifed for his tennis shoes, or your house is broken into and your wife beaten and attacked, don’t pick up that phone. You want those police defunded till shit happens to you. You dial 911 and scream someone is in your house and you expect they drop everything and show up. Next time you handle it. Shoot them, call the next of kin, bury them then hash out in the media and court if you were right. That’s what you expect the police to do.

Yesterday a lady in the dollar store was bitching about the quality of something to the cashier. First she didn’t make it and second, clam up you’re in a freaking dollar store. It cost a dollar even after paying import fees to ship here from China so figure it is worth maybe .10 cents.

I have a friend that every day I meet him my first thought is what’s he gonna bitch about today and in 10 years he has never failed to let me down. He always has a new topic that has pissed him off.

Every realize all the stupid shit people bitch about?

Free wifi is too slow. Phone solicitors. Slow mail. Traffic. Weather and my favorite is the toilet seat left up. People relax and take a break from bitching. You can’t change a damn thing about any of these so just shut up. Well, ok maybe the toilet seat left up but here’s an idea. Take about 3 seconds of your time, reach over and close it. In fact, women you know men need the seat up so why aren’t you returning it to that position when you leave? Oh and by the way, unless you walk on water quite complaining about typos, contrary to what you think, you aren’t perfect.

There is simply too much bitching in this world. I guarantee you could do virtually anything nice, kind, etc. and someone will find a reason to complain about it. Relax, you only live once and that’s enough if you do it right.

Peace out my fellow tired Americans. Signed Slightly (signedslightly@gmail.com)


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