The Dumbest Shit You’ll Ever Hear

I swear if you wanna hear some dumb shit, I mean just plain old stupid shit, talk to a 20 something. I keep telling myself they can’t possibly be as dumb as they seem, but comments I hear tell me I am overestimating their intelligence. These are just lately.

Someone texted me last week and said here’s my new number. Being the nice person I am and not wanting the correct person to miss the message, I texted back you have the wrong number. They actually responded is your number xxx to which I said yes and they said well then I have the right number. I’m still debating which one of us was wrong.

I saw a FB post the other day that said “I had no idea football had been around longer than our government”. Someone commented they were wrong to which they responded “well we’ve had more than 50 superbowls and only 46 presidents. I wanted to comment then realized I would be wasting my time because you’ve heard it a hundred times, you can’t fix stupid.

I read a post where 2 people were arguing about it being wrong to use the phrase Chinese virus. I had hope for the other guy when he said why, “it’s like Chinese food, it’s the region it came from”. Then I lost all hope when at some point in the argument he posted “well just bomb their Chinese asses like we did after their pearl harbor shit”. Again I could have pointed out that was Japan but why bother.

We picked up a phone by mistake so we looked up what was listed as Mom and sent a text saying “if you know who owns this phone please tell them I picked it up by mistake and to call me”. A text came back saying hey “Adam, someone found your phone”. Hmmmm I’ll let you think on that one.

Saw a text last week where a friends son texted his friend asking where’s my car, you promised to bring it back Friday. I thought the response was a joke but apparently not. He responded back “drove by your house twice and your car wasn’t there so I figured you weren’t home. Call me when you’re home”. Do not let people this dumb drive your car.

Peace out fellow boomers. Signed Slightly.

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