The Hate Of The Day

We’ve all heard the flavor of the day. I think we have now embarked on the hate of the day.

I am so sick of catering to every issue to the extent that you’re supposed to be ashamed or feel bad because you’re white or get something special because you’re black or gay. I am sick of hearing black lives matter. No every life matters regardless of what color you are. Then we have black history month yet we tear down statues of white history. We have BET that I just recently found was Black Entertainment TV along with black entertainers award ceremony. Apparently it’s like the Oscar’s but you only qualify if you’re black. So what do you think would happen if we started WTV and white entertainers only award? I see crosses burning in the yard already.

While all of this wasn’t enough, we now have Asian history celebration along with new outcries about “stop the Asian hate”. Seriously? Hasn’t this shit gone on long enough? Aren’t Americans sick and tired of being told to stop hating this race or that ethnic group? Aren’t you tired of blaming one race for all your problems?

I have never woken up with a problem and blamed it on my color. I’ve never gotten into trouble and blamed it on my sexual preference or my religion. But then I am not parading in the streets screaming out my sexual preference. I’m not stopping my car for law enforcement and streaming foul language and names at law enforcement officers. I’m not demanding that America change it’s laws to cater to the country I hated so much I left.

How about this for a novel idea? If you live in America, you’re just American. If you prefer how it was in your Muslim country, how it was in your African country, how things were done in the middle east, etc. the solution is simple, move back there. If you hate how America does something, we have no laws that keep you here. If you can’t honor our flag and the people that have served or the people that have died defending it then pack a bag and get the hell out. There are plenty of countries that share your hate of America and you might even like one. Oh wait, I’m probably wrong about that. Those countries don’t give you the freedom to bitch and complain about hating them.

How about if we have celebrations and holidays that just promote stopping the hate period? Don’t tell people you have to love, like or tolerate someone based on anything other than the fact that they are a human being. Just stop the hate period.

Peace out fellow non-haters. Signed Slightly (


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