Television Sucks

Ever notice that what you watch on TV is ever so slightly changing? Ever notice the small differences that I have no doubt are supposed to be subtle?

First it was interracial couples and families in movies and commercials. No issue. Marry who you like and stop worrying about the color of people’s skin. However, the new trend is along the same lines as my last blog. The whole gay, gender issue.

First it was 2 men drinking wine on the sofa talking about furniture and you assumed they were a couple. Subtle, yes. Now it’s in every other commercial. In 2019 companies pulled commercials and sometimes even shows with gay couples kissing but now it’s mainstream. I’m not talking about the commercials aimed at accepting gay relationships or commercials aimed at gay lifestyles. I’m talking about the ones that are for every day products but now use gay couples to depict family life so you see it as normal.

Campbell’s soup depicts 2 men raising their son. Cottonelle has a man worrying about whether his ass is clean enough to meet his partners parents. Coca Cola has a brother and sister both trying to get the gardener to notice them. Colgate uses it in a slogan of Smile with Pride. So wait, do gay people get whiter smiles than I do?

I want to go back to the days where the commercial was about getting me to buy something, not accept a lifestyle. I remember when all Campbells cared about was telling me that soup would warm me up enough to melt a snowman or when Coca Cola wanted to teach the world to sing. Back when Colgate only cared about tooth decay not gay pride smiles.

Last week I saw the newest Maybelline commercial. Yes I know what Maybelline is. They’ve sold cosmetics for a century and I don’t live in a cave. The new commercial has the usual women looking beautiful and ends with a young man in full beard who I assume is supposed to be wearing Maybelline.

It’s just one more way of trying to convince our newest generation something is natural. It may be why marriage is on the decline. Why so many women are choosing to live alone or raise children on their own. We have lost our sense of what makes men, men. You remember rugged Mr. Clean or Old Spice saying it’s what your man could smell like. The Gordon’s Fisherman or the man in the Camel commercials. They looked like you wanted your man to look like. Heck even Brawny put a manly man on your paper towels. I grew up wanting to be the Marlboro man.

Those days are gone. Now your man will carry a purse, smell better than you do and God forbid if you meet the just the the kind of right man, he may wanna borrow your shoes or panties.

This may be why Slightly doesn’t even have cable TV. We need to get back to the old days when men is suits sat around smoke filled offices (ok maybe leave out the cigarette smoke) and banged out ad campaigns. Yes I love that show Mad Men.

Peace out fellow manly men. Signed Slightly (


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