Why Isn’t There a Month For Everyone?

Some one told me yesterday it was “pride month”. WTH is pride month? Is it a time I’m supposed to be proud of something I did, something my kids did, work? Nope, apparently it’s a month long way to be proud of being gay like that is something special they accomplished.

Now let me preface this – Slightly could care less where you hide the salami or what sex you choose to bump uglies with, what color you are or who you call God. You have heard of the new term binary which means you identify as one sex or the other (or neither) depending on how you feel a particular day, well Slightly is the definition of binary. I have no sexual preference, I don’t see people based on color of skin, even myself and my God and I have a personal relationship already. With that said, why the hell do we have “pride month”? Have you done something exceptional? Have you made an extraordinary contribution to mankind? Have you accomplished something humanitarian and helped numerous others in the process? Help me out here.

You choose to have sex with, date or marry someone of your same sex. That’s no accomplishment. Hell I have been managing to date, marry and have sex with numerous people of the opposite sex for like 50+ years and I don’t feel that’s anything to be proud about. I’m not throwing parades and demanding media coverage to celebrate it. It’s just as aspect of life. Now had I married one of them for like 50 years or something that would be an accomplishment, especially since Slightly can barely stand to talk to the same person for minutes 50 minutes let alone 50 years. That’s like close to a life sentence in my book. But I digress.

First we had black history month. Now it’s pride month and Juneteenth. Seems like all this call for equality is a load of bullshit. You don’t want equality. You want privilege. You want to be celebrated or given certain rights based on your color, sexual preference, religion, etc. and you want it to the exclusion of white, straight Americans.

Take black history month. It was started to celebrate black Americans that made many significant accomplishments to our society and culture and there are so many that did and are doing amazing things. Let’s just suppose if you will, we stop and think about white history month. Oh wait we can’t have that because it would be racist. By the way, if you hate or dislike white people I was told by law enforcement officers and a politician that it is not considered racist. Same as black entertainment TV or black entertainer awards. If I said I’m starting a television channel that would only allow shows with an all white cast or I’m having an award show for actors but only white actors are going to be featured, I know at least half of America would be in my front yard with a noose screaming racist.

Let’s picture I’m going to plan a month long celebration with parades, concerts and all kind of events but only heterosexual (is that still a word) people are allowed. Every event will be designed to celebrate only those that choose to sleep with the opposite sex. Within 24 hours of the announcement hundreds of nuts will be in my yard waving rainbow flags. This is why you don’t know where Slightly lives. Juneteenth celebrates the freedom of the last slaves known in Texas. While that’s amazing it is now just being touted as a paid federal holiday yet it doesn’t pertain to anyone other than people who were once slaves.

So if you’re black, gay, bi-sexual, transsexual or whatever all the new politically correct names are, stop screaming you want equal rights. If you have the balls to stand out there demanding to be noticed, then do it with some self respect and admit, you don’t want equality, you want special treatment, or to use the term you all love so much, you are demanding privilege. You want to be treated like you’re owed something or you’re special based on sexual, color, etc. Call it for what it is. And by the way if you start that new award based on color, religion, etc. make sure to nominate Slightly on his amazing blog writing but first you’ll have to figure out what race, sexual preference etc. that Slightly falls into and I think if you did it would amaze you.

Peace out fellow FED UP Americans. Signed Slightly (signedslightly@gmail.com)


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