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I see women today and I have to wonder what happened to your self-esteem, your self worth? They are dating and/or planning to marry men that have no job, no car and no prospects. What amazes me even more are the women that come over, pick your lazy ass up and drive you around. I have talked to women that meet men, date only a few months and are then supplementing that man’s income. Are you dumb? Every women deserves better than that. Grown men that need a momma are out there, beware.

Do men have no shame anymore? Are women so desperate to have “a man” that they accept one that can’t even support himself? Don’t get me wrong. While Slightly is old school and believes when dating a man should take you out, I do realize that times have changed. Women have moved into the work force and are financially independent. I see nothing wrong with them taking turns who pays or women occasionally paying, but if you’re on a first date and you asked her out, pay for the date or you’re a sorry bastard. If you suggest she share the bill I wouldn’t likely be planning what to do on your second date cause there won’t be one. If you can’t afford to buy her dinner, don’t ask her out. Remember the good old days of making a good first impression?

That being said, I need to talk to you 30 something men that haven’t grown up yet. You know who you are, the ones still spending every free moment playing video games. The ones that have an amazing women and she’s on the back shelf so you have time to devote to Call of Duty number 5 or even worse, you can’t find one dumb enough to date you. In case you aren’t aware, here are a couple of phrases you are never going to hear . . . .

Nothing is sexier than 30 year old man that plays video games

When I grow up I wanna marry a man addicted to video games.

If you are over 30 and living at home, you need to grow up, get a place of your own and a life. If you’re over 30, live at home and play video games daily, you’re chance of finding love and getting married must be like 2%. It will sound harsh and your mom probably doesn’t wanna say it, but grow your sorry ass up. Women don’t find it attractive, I know I have asked. Many kind of pity you and dude, when a women pities you the chance of getting her in the sheets is about ZERO.

If you don’t take my suggestion and leave video game playing to a hour once a week or just to tune out few minutes after work, do yourself a favor. Get an excellent job cause you’ll likely have to pay for sex most of your adult.

You’re welcome. Signed Slightly (


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