Saving the Planet

Someone asked me recently about my car or SUV if you prefer the technical term. She wondered about my gas mileage and wasn’t I worried about saving the planet. When I said “hell no, in fact I want to die leaving the largest carbon footprint possible”, the look on her face was priceless. I mean MasterCard commercial priceless. She went on the usual rant of these climate change nutballs and told me all the reasons I need to be more responsible.

Does she mean more responsible like the politicians and business mogels that fly their private jets to the climate conferences each year? Or more responsible like the idiots that manufacture electric cars – you know the ones that are charged with diesel powered generators? Or those states that installed hundreds and hundreds of giant wind turbines to generate “clean energy”? Those same wind turbines that have non-biodegradable, non-recyclable blades that were designed for 20-25 year life span yet are replaced about every 10 years with better designs? Those same blades are currently overflowing landfills in many states. Funny if you do your research, you’ll find those same wind turbines have a life span of about 20 years and take about 15 years to pay for themselves. You know damn well someone in politics came up with these things. Talk about stupidity.

I’m told the average US citizen has a carbon footprint of about 16 tons in his lifetime. I personally would like to leave this world with one of about 42. After all, the answer to life and everything in it is 42. If you don’t know the that reference, you’ve missed reading an excellent book.

So to all those asking don’t you care about climate change, the answer is hell no. To all those that say what about your kids and grandkids. Well my kids are 40 and I’m almost positive the earth will outlive them. I do not have grandkids so I have no need to save the planet.

Just a word of advice – those of you that worry so much about saving the planet better get a lot more worried about getting right with Jesus, cause I’m sure you’ll see him a lot sooner than you’ll see all this climate change bullshit.

Peace out fellow air breathing, carbonites. Signed Slightly (


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