Sexual Confusion or Begging For Attention

When I was growing up we were taught don’t talk about sex, don’t have sex without being married and God forbid you were a woman as you were told not to enjoy sex unless you were some deviant or loose woman. Then we had the sexual revolution of the 60’s and 70’s and people decided they should be free to experiment, have causal sex and women weren’t embarrassed to say they enjoyed it as much as men. Women were now almost demanding orgasms as a civil right. I have to admit this also brought about the drugs that we now have a real problem with in this country although I can’t say the 2 are related.

But people enough already. I’m so sick of all the new “genders” and sexual preferences I have to hear about. Big Google article today is NY governor’s daughter comes out a “demi-sexual”. First I thought WTF is that then I thought wait, I don’t actually care. Sleep with who ever and what ever you want. Why is it a news story? Where is the news story on Joe Biden or Donald Trump – President sleeps with wife, news at 11:00? Why is it only news if you are behaving in an abnormal manner? And don’t even start the hate mail, it is abnormal. You can say you were born attracted to the same sex but you weren’t born attracted to both sexes, or wanting to be legally declared a female yet you have a penis so you can compete against women instead of men in sporting events. By the way, ever notice there aren’t women out there demanding to compete in men’s sports? Just saying.

It’s time to go back to a country with some morals and a society that understands that No you do not have a right to know everybody’s business. What you do in your bedroom belongs there – in your bedroom. Stop inventing sexual preference terms to explain your behavior. Just because you want to do something abnormal giving it a name won’t make it normal or legitimate. I’m not buying demi-sexual, co-sexual, bi-sexual, gender fluid, etc. If you sleep with the opposite sex you’re heterosexual, if you sleep with the same sex you’re homosexual, if you have a vagina you’re a woman and a penis you’re a man. Just because you give abnormal behavior a name doesn’t make it normal. You can’t sleep with a monkey, a dog or a sheep then call it normal because someone gives it a label. Please don’t tell me if there already is a name for it,

But here is my thought on it. If your sex life stayed in your bedroom where it belongs, you wouldn’t have to worry about any of this. I know you think it should be public knowledge but really, no one gives a crap where you dip your stick or who licks your wick except for the fact that we are forced to hear about it. Slightly passed the 50 year old mark a long time ago and I’ve never felt the need to discuss or God forbid advertise my relations with my spouse. It stays in my bedroom.

Peace out fellow gender solid Americans. Signed Slightly (


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