Bizarre Things You See At Night

Someone asked me, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen while outside at night? I had a few things but I also reached out to some friends and was surprised by some of them. Thought I’d share a few just for fun.

I saw a person walking down the highway at night wearing a football helmet and a bathrobe. Even creepier was the time I happen to notice tiny hands clinging to the inside of a sewer grate. My first thought was WTF, It lives in my town. I then realized it was a raccoon. That was creepy.

I once found a dead body in a park. Well ok ,when the police came it was a man that passed out drunk on the sidewalk but initially I thought I’d found a dead body. There was the time I came down the road to our house, came over a small hill and damn near ran into a bull standing in the road at 2am. Since this was a very residential neighborhood, I had decided to give up drinking till the neighbor mentioned his bull getting out a few days later. Never knew he had cows.

My best yet was one we’ve seen a number of times. Once I would have thought poor bastard doesn’t have a car. Twice and I would have thought he must be moving but we’ve now seen him 5 times over the last couple of years and always at night. The guy rides down our street on a bicycle carrying a large flat screen tv. We’re talking at least 32 in. One day I wanna stop him and ask about the TV.

Friends had even weirder ones. One was walking about 10 pm. Man ran by him with a rifle, motioned him to be quiet and kept going down the sidewalk. Another passed a woman walking down he sidewalk wearing a white blouse and nothing else. No pants no panties, etc. He called the police and turns out she was sleep walking.

One friend told about walking home one evening and felt someone behind her. She turned quickly and thought she saw someone dart behind a tree. Stood there about 2 minutes and some man just casually walks out from behind the tree like it was normal. She ran the rest of the way home.

Another friend passed a man standing along the road fishing. Had his rod and reel and was casting and slowly reeling it back in. What made it strange is there was no water anywhere near him. One friend came home late one night and it was obvious someone sat on his porch , had a few beers and smoked a few cigarettes. I suggested likely a friend waited for him to get home but got tired and left. None of his friends smoke.

I saved the best for last. A friend in PA said they have a neighbor that comes out almost nightly after midnight, climbs the telephone pole at the end of their street and just watches the neighborhood for a few hours. They called and checked, he does not work for the power company. They haven’t called police as he seems harmless.

Peace out fellow watchers. Signed Slightly (


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