Menstrual Sponges

Well, this is a first for Slightly. A reader sent me an article and the title was so bizarre, I couldn’t help but read it. We all know Slightly will discuss nearly any subject so here we go. If you haven’t heard of these things, you are not alone.

Slightly isn’t ignorant to the inner workings of women’s bodies, but I will say I have never heard of menstrual sponges so I was intrigued. Ok, maybe a little creeped out is a better description. Apparently they are similar to a tampon ) yes I know what those are and what they are for) but they are washable and reusable. Hmmm, no?

But, before you go sticking these things up your vag, you must first decide if you want a sea sponge or a factory created sponge. Should I have use of these I will say, neither really appeals to me. I keep thinking about putting the sea sponge inside yourself and have to wonder, how well was it processed? Are you inserting sand up there as well? No matter what kinda kinky sex you like, sand is likely not in the plan. Your partner is gonna ask some serious questions next time your humping between the sheets and sand envelopes his manhood. Well he will after he stops screaming.

Now that my brain has pictured how you’ve managed to get this sponge up your crack, you will need to get it out. Bearing in mind I’m no expert, I’m thinking this isn’t something you should be doing in a public restroom unless you’re trying to create the look of a hideous crime scene. I’m picturing yanking the creature out and blood flowing like the Nile. Might I suggest you only do this in the privacy of your own bathroom and probably when no one might accidently open the door. This could cause a husband to stroke out or immediately dial 911, seriously. Then you need to wash it before reuse. Again, no.

I gotta say the whole idea sounds fishy to me, yes every possible pun intended. Ladies just buy a tampon or reusable pad. That innocent sea creature did nothing to you to deserve spending eternity stuffed up a twat.

Peace out. Signed Slightly (


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One thought on “Menstrual Sponges

  1. I read this one when it was first published but several times I am not able to log in,,,,But had to tell ya there really should be a warning not to read your blog while sitting in a very quiet doctors waiting room…just saying


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