Good Bye and Good Night

I started this blog after talking to a friend and follower on another blog about the bizarre things that happen in life and usually on a daily basis or sometimes just crazy ideas we happened to encounter.

Each time something crazy happened, I had some insane thought or she’d email me a blog idea, I was excited to write about it and wait for her utterly true and usually very insightful comment. The highlight of each blog was waiting to see what she thought of the new one. You have likely seen her comments under the name J Hot.

J Hot passed away September 15, 2021 and I will forever miss her. She was my biggest fan. I’ve lost interest in continuing here as she’s not there to bounce ideas off of and cheer me on so I am closing my blog. I will leave what is here online for anyone that wanders across it to read and know what an inspiration she was.

Remember there will always be people in your life that suffer from LMC (see prior article) and will drive you to drink or kill them, one or the other. Each time this happens I will stop myself, ask what would J Hot do, and that will likely prompt me to wish them a happy life or say have a great day muffin. I will miss her emails.

Good bye and good night fellow Americans. Signed Slightly.


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One thought on “Good Bye and Good Night

  1. We all have lost special people we just connect with more than others-doesn’t mean we love others less but if you are lucky to have had THAT special someone in your life you know there is something about that special connection & losing them leaves us feeling so empty. Not only were they a huge part of our daily routine they became a part of us, Losing them also means losing a part of yourself and no you will probably never be the same but somehow we learn to take what was given to us from that special connection & move on. To me, that’s where life sucks, it’s mean, cruel, and totally unfair. So Slightly Sociopathic Mind just wanted you to know I will miss you & your post…I have enjoyed them, every single one because on some level I connected. Not Good Bye but See You Later


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