Covid – Why Is No One Asking The Big Question?

After a couple of emails asking me to continue the blog, I realized maybe I do have other, if not fans at least readers, so maybe Slightly needs to stay a while.

So let me ask you, why isn’t anyone asking the big question on Covid?

Don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe Covid is real and that it is killing thousands of people. I don’t believe the numbers the CDC is throwing out as I think it’s a lot of scare tactics. People are asking how did it spread so fast? How come almost 2 years later we are no closer to resolving it? Why is our government blowing the infection rate and death rate grossly out of proportion? There are lot of ways to answer all of that but still no one is asking the biggest question.

We’re told this disease some how got out of a research lab in China. China claims the US brought the virus to China during some military exercise. By the way the CHinese official that suggested that has since been fired and disappeared. Still no one is asking – WHY THE HELL WAS ANYONE DEVELOPING THIS VIRUS IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Regardless of where it came from why was something like this in development? We had the same issue the the SARS virus. It “escaped” a lab an one one asked why it was being developed. Ebola and the Aids virus both originated from some obscure village in Africa and no one wonders about that? Well I’m going to give you my opinion. It’s population control and government control, plain and simple. I believe Aids was a test run that resulted in developing viruses with faster acting spread and deadlier results.

This “virus” has crippled the economy of country after country. This “virus” has put more Americans out of work and living on government money than any other time in our history. The government even came up with programs to pay you NOT to work which results in the closure of small businesses across the country. PEOPLE WAKE UP. The more you depend on the government to clothe and feed you, the more the government controls what you believe, what you think and what you’re allowed to do. Stay in line or those government paychecks stop.

They come up with vaccines and people jump to get them never asking about the risks. People line up to get vaccines with no info on how long they last then walk around thinking hey look this was all free. With our government nothing is free. You get free tests, free vaccines, hospitals get millions in federal dollars to treat Covid patients and no one asks why. The government (meaning the taxpayers) will even pay for your funeral up to $8-9,000 if you die of Covid. EVER HEAR OF BLOOD MONEY?

It’s when a person, company, government, etc. knows they caused a situation, intentionally or accidentally, and pays you to forget they caused it. All the while no one notices every time the government makes another major fuck up the news of Covid spirals again. You hear Covid numbers are dropping then Biden makes another major mistake or screws over the people and damn we have a new strain of Covid. No one but me finds this suspicious? No one is noticing this but Slightly? That is itself scares the hell out of me.

More than the government controlling you thru money, I think it has a lot to do with population control. One scientist that has since disappeared, claimed to be a federal employee and said her lab has been studying ways to control the population for decades. Ever hear about that government agency> Yeah me neither.

Has anyone noticed the people dying from Covid are the elderly, the frail, the sick and the ones with underlying health issues? Better brush up on your history books and quickly. There was another world leader in the 30’s that wanted to build a better race. Wanted to get rid of the sick, frail and anyone he deemed inferior. Are we headed there again? WAKE UP PEOPLE. If you think that couldn’t happen in the day and age or that couldn’t happen in the US, you’re stupid or naive.

Peace out fellow guinea pigs. Signed Slightly (


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