A Generation in Peril

You’d think that was an overstatement or me just being dramatic, but I think I might be serious this time. Have you met Gen Z? We have to be raising the laziest, dumbest, and most dependent generation our culture has ever encountered.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some among them that might survive a crisis but it won’t be many. First we had a generation that needed coloring books and “safe” places to recover from election results. Did you know in states like Colorado and Montana many Gen Z don’t vote because elections are during the winter and they don’t wanna miss time on the ski slopes? We have a generation that explains life thru and is addicted to memes. Any crisis you hear of has a meme 10 minutes later. If they see it on Tik Tok they’ll try it no matter how dumb it is.

And how did we get this lazy? Have you seen kids going to school lately? When I was a kid we walked to school or took a bus. No this isn’t I walked 10 miles in the snow story, but I did walk 1.8 miles to school daily because buses only picked up kids that lived 2 miles or more way. Kids nowadays can’t even walk to a bus stop. I watched one bus this week stop at 11 driveways in a 2 miles stretch of road, many being less than 50 feet from the last one.

I said to one young kid last night, can’t you just walk to the next drive way. He told me it’s not his fault and you really shouldn’t use the word can’t. I’m like WTF does that mean. Get this. He says, and I quote, “it’s not that I can’t but I didn’t inherit the ability to can”. Are we now blaming his parents for him inheriting a dumbass gene? Who the hell is teaching kids in school? That is another excuse for laziness, stupidity and a failure to give a shit.

Shape up Gen Z or this country is in a world of shit. Peace out fellow baby boomers. Signed Slightly (signedslightly@gmail.com)


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One thought on “A Generation in Peril

  1. I knew we lost it when they started handing out awards for doing absolutely nothing because we had to be Fair & Not hurt anyone’s feelings.


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