What Do Non-Smokers And Dieters Have In Common?

That may seem like a strange question to you but believe it or not, they have a main issue in common. Have you noticed every non-smoker you meet will tell you how they hate cigarette smoke, how it’s killing you and them via second hand smoke. Never was hurting anyone until they quit and well obviously since they quit, everyone can and should.

The newest ones I find annoying are the dieters. They lose a few pounds and hit the gym. Every comment after that turns into “if I can make time for the gym then anyone can”. Well you never had time before and I’m calling bullshit. Not to mention, not everyone wants to go to the germ and sweat infested smelly gym.

Look at single people. They work, take out trash, feed and play with the kids if any, clean the house, do the laundry, feed the pets, bathe the kids and or pets, mow the yard, cook dinner, clean up the mess and then if they are lucky, they get to shower by 11pm and do it all over tomorrow. Married people also have homes usually with kids, dogs, cats, laundry, cars to wash, grass to cut, repairs to keep up on, yards to mow, kids to little league, dance class and so many things I can’t begin to mention.

These new gym rats say you have to make the time. Ok, do you cancel time with your kids, don’t walk or feed the dog, leave the chores undone or tell your spouse to do more? Because you have the time to add more to your life, stop assuming everyone does. Because you choose to suddenly ignore chores around the house or spend less time on someone or something than you did before, doesn’t mean we all make that choice.

Stop shaming people with “if I can make time anyone can”. Obviously you have less to do than they do or they choose to spend that time on something more important to them. People need to shut the hell up and just worry about yourself. Stop going on social media and claiming how amazing you are and how unmotivated everyone else is because they aren’t you or don’t share your desire to sit in puddles of someone else’s sweat or use nasty germ covered equipment. Ever look around a gym and see how many people sweat, cough, scratch their asses or adjust their nuts then touch shit. And you’re worried about Covid?

I don’t know about you but Slightly has a lot more things I’d rather be doing. There’s kinky sex with my honey, playing with my dog, buying a pet pig, keeping up my home, hell even cleaning up dog shit. I find that more entertaining. Stop telling me I need to make time for your life.

Peace out fellow couch potatoes. Signed Slightly (signedslightly@gmail.com)


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