Stop Blaming Those Pagans For Halloween

I won’t deny that Halloween likely started hundreds of years ago as a pagan holiday. But, let’s be realistic, those devil worshiping people have some freaky, downright insane practices and handing out candy isn’t one of them. I can’t picture Satan saying if you love me and want to worship me, go to houses and beg for candy. That may be why it was called All Hallow’s Eve, not halloween. I firmly believe our version of halloween was invented y dentist or pedophiles.

Dentist love halloween. Look what all that candy does to teeth. What better way to sound like a responsible medical provider that encourages your patients to take excellent care of their teeth then once a year have a holiday that gives away tons of free candy that lasts the kids for weeks.

Then you have pedophiles. We tell our kids not to talk to or take candy from strangers then have them dress them up in silly costumes and knock on every door in the neighborhood asking for candy. As parents we make no effort to even see the person handing out the candy or bother to look at what the kids got. And it’s not even neighbors we know. We drive our kids to other neighborhoods where we don’t know a single person for no reason other than they might get better candy. Come on, when you were 6 was there any bad candy?

We won’t let our kids walk to a bus stop 50 feet away. We won’t let our kids walk to school. Kids aren’t allowed to play outside alone. Yet we send them to collect $7.00 worth of candy from dentists and/or pedophiles. Parents wake up. We don’t live in a time where sending kids to strangers houses is in any way a good idea. Maybe Slightly is too old cause this world makes no sense to me anymore.

Peace out fellow ghouls. Signed Slightly (


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2 thoughts on “Stop Blaming Those Pagans For Halloween

  1. There you go in my head again, I have no issue with people getting together , dressing up & acting silly but to teach our kids the opposite for one damn day of the year makes no sense to me . Thanks for getting it Slightly


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