I’m Back

So, I’ve been absent for a while but I’m not gone. I have a few blog ideas running thru my head but foremost is a blog on idiot drivers.

They have classes to learn to drive. They have classes to improve your driving. They have classes for defensive driving, although I am a huge fan of offensive driving. They even have classes to teach you not to drive drunk. WTF – why are there no classes geared towards dealing with idiot drivers?

Since none exist, I Slightly, am forced to write a blog on dealing with idiot drivers so here goes.


  1. Cut them off when necessary.
  2. Don’t let people pull out in front of you, they will just drive slow and annoy you.
  3. Do not allow them to merge over at the last minute. Those rubber cones won’t hurt their car and it’s fun to watch them freak out.
  4. Flash your lights repeatedly if they are in the left lane under the posted speed.
  5. Number 5 and this is the most important. In the event you can get one to stop, pull over, etc. SLAP THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF THEM.

Enough said. Peace out fellow Americans.

Signed Slightly. (signedslightly@gmail.com)


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