WTH – Wake Up People

Ok who makes this shit up.

I saw a newer commercial with a woman claiming to be a doctor, and she’s talking about vaccinating her kids. She claims Covid affects more black children then white so hers will be vaccinated as soon as they are old enough. Now Covid is a racist.

Where exactly did that bullshit, false information come from? I have combed CDC and WHO sites and none state that. I finally emailed 2 doctors I am friends with and they not only have never heard that, but couldn’t find anything that claimed that either.

The government we elected has gone well above and beyond to scare people into getting a vaccine that even today, 2 years later, has new information no one ever thought to look into. You were told it prevented Covid but that didn’t work so you were told it prevented hospitalization if you got Covid. That didn’t work either so you were told it would prevent you getting sick. Hmm, did that work?. Now that half the world had agreed to or been forced into getting a vaccine that we really know nothing about, the CDC says well we really aren’t sure how long it lasts. so you better get a few more boosters, what the heck even yearly. Gotta have a way to keep the sheep in line.

When have we ever had a situation where the government offered to use your tax dollars and pay people to get a vaccine? When have they ever offered to use your tax dollars to pay companies or give them huge tax breaks to coerce or force employees to get a vaccine? Hell West Virginia will give you a free gun to get vaccinated. I almost fell for that one.

Why is not one single politician demanding accurate information, demanding some research, or better yet demanding some accountability like the one Florida governor who is demanding answers? You know why? I can’t answer that any more than you can. But there is a reason trust me. I can only share my opinion and this is one of them.

It’s about population control, about building a better strain of humanity. Hate to equate it this way but remember Hitler’s plan? He wanted to build a better race and his plan was to simply eradicate what he felt were lesser human beings. Starting to sound familiar? This “virus” weeds out the infirm, the weaker people, people with prior diseases or medical issues. The majority of the ones you hear dying are ones that have prior medical conditions or aren’t as strong or young as the newer generation.

Just to make sure you don’t feel it targets a certain type or people, they even came up with this newer Omnicron strain of Covid and claim it has milder symptoms like a headache, fatigue, etc. and it affects younger people most. Hell if that is a Covid symptom I have had Covid over 40 years.

Here is what I want figures on. Here is what I want our government to answer. How many people have gone into the hospital with Covid and were refused proven treatments? How many of those that died because they refused to even try the treatments many have proven work, were they mostly people that were ill or had a lot of pre-existing conditions? Prove to me you aren’t weeding out people that are what Hilter would have considered weaker. Prove you aren’t weeding out people that are using more medical resources than the average person. Bet you won’t read that research anywhere.

Did you know the military says there are more miscarriages in vaccinated women in the past 2 years than in the past 50? If they are right it’s up nearly 300%. Do you wonder if your teenager you vaccinated will find out at 25 or 30 years old he or she is sterile and can’t have kids? Will we find out later the vaccine shortened the life of people with certain genetic traits? No one mentions that this “medicine” attaches to your DNA and anything that attaches to DNA can change that DNA strand. But no one wants to talk about that do they?

Wake up, remind the worthless shit we call a president to give you some legitimate answers. Wake up and stop being lead by fear. STOP DRINKING THE KOOLAID WITHOUT ASKING WHO FUCKING MADE IT.

Peace out fellow Americans. Signed Slightly (signedslightly@gmail.com)


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