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I am not a huge fan of wine but I will learn to love it just so I can buy from this company. A company that has the balls to stand up and say what we all think. This company puts their beliefs and values on display, and if people don’t like it, they don’t care.

This country used to be a super power until we got presidents that bowed to other world leaders. Presidents that told people they don’t need to respect police authority and the same one told people they deserve shit based on skin color. How many times did this same idiot, that somehow got elected, ignore the respect due Americans? He walks past marines in full salute and doesn’t even notice them much less return the salute which is protocol. He ignores federal court rulings and subpoenas. He holds a press conference and asks marines in full dress uniform to hold an umbrella in a bare sprinkle. Plenty of presidents withstood rain without help. Kennedy among others stood thru an entire ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier in the rain. Hell even the nut Putin stood in a downpour during the wreath laying in memory of the Nazi invasion. I still haven’t figured out how the idiot got elected, but he put our country is a virtual tailspin to what is fast becoming a society of pansies.

We tell kids you can’t hear bad stuff or be told you’re wrong or bad because it might hurt your feelings but you can bed hop and if you get pregnant it’s ok cause now you can kill babies right up to the time they are born. We offered counseling if they couldn’t deal with their candidate losing an election. Colleges across the country offered “safe places” to grieve the election. But I digress.

Check out We The People wines. Even if you don’t drink send them a donation if for no other reason than they have the balls to stand up and yell bullshit on the things happening in this country. Check out this commercial.

Peace out fellow fed up Americans. Signed Slightly (


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One thought on “Buy From This Company

  1. I too have wondered how this current president got elected but then all look back at all people just in my own circle who didn’t care for our president because he was to our spoken. At least he had a brain. He didn’t make it press meeting when he was hiring a person of color & he certainly didn’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings. Our society has turned to mush.


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