Get Disney & Amazon Out Of Politics

A reader sent me a few articles about a new law that passed over the weekend in Florida. It’s called the Parental Rights Bill but already has more names that that. It begins . . . . . “a governmental/state institution may not infringe upon the fundamental rights of a parent to direct the upbringing, education, health care, and mental health of a minor child”.

In a nutshell it says a school or teacher can not discuss gender with a child between kindergarten and third grade. That means no one at your school can talk to your kids about their gender at ages 4 to 7 or 8. Do people really have an issue with this? I don’t want a school teaching my kid what gender they are or even discussing sexual orientation with my kids at that age. Bill Clinton already taught kids what a blow job was when he stated on national television it isn’t sex, it’s just oral.

I had to read up on this and understand why people were voting against this. Isn’t it our job as parents to decide what our kids learn about sexual issues, and when? Those against the bill are calling it the “don’t say gay” law. I’m ok with that except it assumes it only pertains to discussing homosexual orientation, which it does not. I can decide when I want this discussed with my child. Were it up to me, this would never be discussed in public schools period. I send my kids to get an education, not learn about sexual preference or 500 different genders.

The NY Times did an article about a young man in FL that said his teacher helped him thru his issues and had the law already passed, she would have put her job in jeopardy. That just shows how skewed things are. He was in high school when this occurred so even under the new bill, there was nothing the teacher did wrong but it makes for good press I guess. Last time I checked, short of Sheldon cooper, there are no 4-8 year olds in high school but hell write the article so it pisses people off. It’s not like most are going to actually go read it themselves. Also to call this the don’t say gay law aren’t you saying teachers can discuss sexual preference with children as long as it’s not something to do with being gay or transgender? Hmmm, I didn’t read that anywhere in the law. People act like, and some are claiming, it was designed to protect parents that are anti-gay.

The other half calls it the “non grooming law”. Grooming was a new term for me if it was unrelated to taking my dog in to be groomed. Apparently it’s defined as ” “manipulative behaviors that the abuser uses to gain access to a potential victim, coerce them to agree to the abuse, and reduce the risk of being caught”. Let’s be honest here, as it’s one of the reasons I don’t think sexual preference should be a school subject, I have no control over the content or how it is slanted in either direction. I have no idea if my child is being “groomed” to believe something I may be morally against.

I had to really read more once I kept hearing the name Disney. How does this concern Disney, a family orientated company? Well turns out not only is Disney okay with your kids learning about sexual preference between ages 4 and 8, but they stated themselves that they have been working behind the scenes to stop this bill passing. Then today, they announced they would stop all political donations to Florida politicians that voted for the bill. Well, piss off Disney. Made me so made I even cancelled my Disney channel subscription.

I personally don’t agree with a gay lifestyle and that, believe it or not, is my right. I am under no obligation, yes that’s right, to believe it is right or normal. But it’s your right to live how you want. Hash it out with God when you get there. It isn’t my place to judge you. You are under no obligation to agree with my heterosexual lifestyle. It’s your choice. Yes this is still the USA, no thanks to Biden, and we all have rights. Either way you lean, deciding when and what your child is taught about sexual preference is your decision as a parent and shouldn’t be decided for you by a school teacher.

People it’s time to stand up for what you believe. It’s time to stop being ok with everything. We aren’t sheep. Take a stand. When Amazon told the “my pillow” inventor he couldn’t sell on Amazon because he supported Trump or when they told a patriot website they were blocking their website access for supporting Trump, that was the day I cancelled my prime membership. Disney stepped in with money they make off families to try and stop a parental rights bill that should have nothing to do with Disney so guess what? Nothing Disney will ever get a penny of my money again. You have no right to tell people what they can believe is right and wrong or what their kids should learn or not learn and then use your money to force politicians to vote your way.

Peace out fellow force fed Americans. Signed Slightly. (


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