Service Pets Gone Wrong

I hope, as one of my readers, you are aware there is a difference between service animals and emotional support animals. Don’t take that wrong, I believe some people may benefit from emotional support animals but I also believe if you need a cat or rabbit, or whatever to leave your house, you need more therapy than a pet.

I love my pets, probably more than most. They provide me companionship, unconditional love and are just plain awesome. Would I love to take the with me everywhere, of course. Do they belong everywhere, hell no. I personally don’t want to use a grocery cart your dog drooled all over. I don’t want to sit next to your pony while I eat (yes this has happened).

Service animals serve an awesome purpose and are some of the most amazing animals. I can’t believe some provide sight or hearing assistance but some even detect seizures or glucose levels of diabetics. How freaking cool is that?

But people, please stop trying to pass off pets as service animals. Service dogs don’t ride in grocery carts or eat scraps from your table at Chili’s. One man in Ohio is fighting the local law banning farm animals as he has 100 pound pig he claims is his support animal. I had dinner last year at a restaurant and 2 tables away was a support pony. What the hell. I don’t wanna have dinner smelling a pony. The local news even did a story admiring the restaurant owner for being so accommodating. I hope he was happy because he lost my business.

I have seen or been told of some really bizarre “emotional” support animals including bearded dragons, monkeys or chimps (I want one of those), peacocks, ducks, squirrels, parrots, hedgehogs, turtles, etc. The list goes on and on. You have to start asking yourself how insane will this get? Do you really get a lot of emotional well being from being friends with a turkey, snake or even a sheep? Do they sit and listen to or help you thru problems.

Emotional support, according to the mental health field, is about support, acceptance, reassurance and encouragement in a relationship. Do you honestly believe that hamster or donkey is providing that or even has any idea of what a “relationship” is?

Please note there is no reason to send me hate emails. I agree some people need emotional support but they need to talk to a professional, not a guinea pig. I personally don’t want to encounter your pets while shopping, eating, etc.

Peace out fellow pet lovers. Signed Slightly (


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  1. Darn it . Typed out a whole reply to this this & the site isn’t taking my password but I am on my phone & for some reason I always have issues on certain sites. Anyway totally agree with you but hey that’s nothing new😀

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