I Am Sick Of The Word Racist

As someone sick and tired of the bullshit going on in this country, I have turned off the TV in my house and rarely listen to the news. I guess I need to go back to staying alert to the absolute dumb shit going on. Why did no one tell me Dr. Seuss was a racist?

Seriously though, I had no idea people had pissed and bitched so much that some of his books have been taken out of print. It came up in conversation today and someone told me about it and I was, that’s bullshit. So you know Slightly, I took to the internet to check this out because after all, Google is an authority on virtually everything. I say virtually everything cause Goggle isn’t God.

So back to Dr. Seuss. How the hell are fictional, made up animals racist? Dr. Seuss Entertainment company claims these 6 books portray people in hurtful, wrong ways. Are you really that stupid? They are made up people. So, let’s look at why.

Saw it on Mulberry street portrays a Chinese child carrying chopsticks, a bowl of rice and wearing Japanese style shoes. Seriously? In 1937 American kids likely had no concept of what asian people looked like so it gave the book some concept. Once they bombed pearl harbor and killed thousands of Americans in an unprovoked war, American kids got a better idea. At that point I think few cared how they were portrayed.

If I Ran the Zoo got the boot because the men from Africa were shirtless and shoeless. Ok have you ever seen National Geographic or even TV ads about aid for Africa? 90% of the people shown there are shirtless and shoeless. Can I assume that isn’t racist when you’re using those images to get money?

I’m not even going to delve into the other 4 books because this is straight up stupidity. This country has gone so far overboard that no one really even knows the definition of racism. I noticed I did not have to read very far to find that much of this started at a library in MA in 2017. The librarian there was offended because Mrs. Trump donated Dr. Seuss books calling them racist. Guess once again, sounds like a result of Trump haters.

Not shocked to see they added to the list Should We Burn Babar? The same idiots claim the books were celebrations of colonialism”. What moron thought up that phrase?

I may be overreacting a but but I think it’s time the Lord rethink that no more flood promise.

Peace out fellow fed up Americans. Signed Slightly


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