Let’s Talk About Florida

Let’s talk about Florida for a minute. They claim 1000 people a day are flocking there as new residents due to covid restrictions in their states. I think they got that wrong. The more I read about the governor there, the more I think he’s what’s drawing new residents.

From what I read, this DeSantis is giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “kick ass and take names”. He seems like he really cares about his state and that is likely what makes him a loved politician and there aren’t many of them. However, he’s like Trump, doesn’t need to kiss ass to get where he wants to be and doesn’t play ball with the liberals, so they’ll come after him like they did Trump. I have to love any governor that tells Washington to fuck off or says he’ll sic the National Guard on you.

When I first read the article where administrator Biden (Biden will never be referred to as president – see prior blogs) demanded DeSantis close Florida to travel, I laughed so hard I almost packed and moved to Florida. When Biden threatened to withhold vaccines unless he complied, this man called bullshit and told him he’d call out the national guard “to protect the movement of Floridians”. But let’s be honest, he had my vote for president when Biden told him you will address me as president Biden. You got big balls when you know you have enough clout to respond with “I will not and you can go fuck yourself”. Come on, who here doesn’t want the chance to utter those 9 words to the dipshit currently in the White House?

He seems to want what’s best for his residents and isn’t gonna play the bullshit Washington game. Hell even Johnny Van Zant wrote a song about him. If Lynyrd Skynyrd, one of the most bad ass bands in history, thinks you’re bad ass , then Brother you are. Check out the song by brothers Johnny and Donnie Van Zant. Sweet Florida. It says it all. Hell maybe we all need to pack and head to Florida or if nothing else, look for his name on the 2024 ballot.

Peace out fellow bad ass lovers. Signed Slightly (signedslightly@gmail.com)


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