You Have To Be Kidding

I am trying so hard to go back to funny blog writing, but with the idiots in this country dumb enough to stand up and talk on a daily basis, I can’t help writing about it.

Last week I talked about Florida’s parental rights law. Damn I still think we all need to move to Florida. This law says you can not talk to children under 3rd grade about sexual preference, gender, etc. Ok first, it’s a crying shame we need that law. Don’t talk to my 8th or 9th grader about it either. I will decide when my kids need to learn this stuff. We don’t teach non-binary or gender fluid in my house. But I digress, I already wrote about that.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, people are leaving NY in droves because of all the covid restrictions, crime, etc. But have you seen the new campaign from the NY mayor to get people to come back? NY mayor Eric Adams wants his taxpayers back. He is actually advertising in Florida to come back and we’ll let you say gay. He’s using the propaganda the opponents to the bill were and calling it the don’t say gay bill, although it doesn’t mention that word anywhere in the bill.

So, to get you to move back you can say gay, but you’ll have to apologize for calling “birthing people” mothers, you’ll have a considerable higher chance of having your child assaulted by repeat offenders as that crime is on the rise. You’ll have human shit rubbed in your face on the subway or told get the vaccine or don’t work but at least you can say gay, oh and pay insane state income tax rates. Seems like a fair exchange if you’re New York’s mayor. But hey stay where you are. I might wanna move to Florida and there is only so much room.

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One thought on “You Have To Be Kidding

  1. This all started when back when little johnny didn’t get an award for mot participating on his team….so now we reward them for doing nothing because everyone should get fair equals & because of that parenting is no longer in the hands of parents but that being said if parents would still do their job at parenting then maybe some agency wouldn’t have so much leverage on how we raise our kids. We have become a very lazy society which makes us an easy target for the government to step in & run our lives. Oh & I would like to start a group for plain white folk like me that don’t get enough attention -it’s all craziness. BTW I would pull my kids out of a school that taught anything more than the materials to earn an education, reading, writing, math etc-not confuse them with crap they don’t understand or hadn’t even thought of.


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