It Only Takes One

Every day, I dislike people more and more mainly based on overall behavior of humanity. Then, every once in a while, some woman or man comes along and does or says something so spectacular, that it restores my faith in the human race. Today was one of those days.

One of my big pet peeves (yes I’m aware I have a lot) are men that talk trash to women or insult women just because they are mad or it makes them look tough. I have to fight the urge not to bitch slap one whenever I hear it. If you’re not sure what a bitch slap is, check the video of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock last week. No man punches there, just a bitch slap. But I digress. This morning I witnessed an encounter that was simply spectacular.

I watched one of the giant truck (meaning small dick) men pass a car very aggressively for no reason. The other driver was moving with traffic, etc. In fact the truck ended up behind a dump truck that saw him and slowed down another 10 miles per hour. We all ended up at the same gas station and, as I got out of my car, I heard the man yell “stupid dyke bitch” at the other driver (yes it was a woman). I stopped, wondering if I’d need to get involved. As I mentioned I dislike men talking like this to women. This woman’s response restored by faith in human beings. She didn’t bat an eye but looked dead at him and responded “dyke, I like dick as much as you I just don’t take it up the ass like you”. I could not have ever thought of such a brilliant response.

Of course the guy, being the macho jerk he is, didn’t expect a woman to talk back, was furious and sputtered what the hell did you say? This amazing specimen of a woman tops herself and she sweetly says, “I’m not a dyke, I suck dick just like you”. His mouth was still hanging open as she drove away. Here I was, I hesitated as she might have needed defending yet with 2 simple sentences, she left that jackass speechless. I might be in love.

If you’re reading this just remember, you don’t need to let people treat you badly or talk to you like shit. If someone wants to act an ass, take that opportunity to speak up and tell them they’re an ass. It makes them think twice next time. This could have only been better if he had friends with him that overheard.

Peace out fellow fed up Americans. Signed Slightly (


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One thought on “It Only Takes One

  1. I Love it! That asshole deserved every word she said & kudos to her for a brilliant quick response. More assholes need to be put in their place & I am usually the first to step up to do that but this day in age my hubby warns I need to be more mindful of the crazies.


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