I’m Back With A New Thought

Let’s talk school buses why don’t we. I can’t possibly be the only one sick and tired of the current school bus situation.

When I was a kid we walked to the closest school bus stop or if you lived 2 miles or less from the school, you walked to school. Well maybe some kids had parents drive them but not mine. We walked. No we didn’t walk 2 miles barefoot in the snow, uphill but we did walk 2 miles in the rain, heat and cold. We never considered walking barefoot as I was raised in the south and the asphalt in the summer will take the skin off your feet.

But I digress. What happened to bus stops? Nowadays the buses stop at every single house or street that has a kid. But still I live with that. Better safe than sorry I guess. But here is what gets me. When you have a bus that makes 11 stops in 3 miles in a 60 mph zone, get your lazy ass kids off the sofa and at the bus stop ready for the bus. It’s not enough that traffic is backed up for miles or that it never moves more than 20 mph before we stop again but this bullshit of buses sitting in traffic, with stop signs out stopping traffic both ways and waiting for kids that are sitting in front of the TV is insane. Daily I watch this bus pull up, put her lights and signs out and sit and wait while the kids turn off the TV, get backpacks and casually stroll out to the bus. Believe it or not the bus comes at literally the exact freaking time daily, why are your kids not standing there waiting on that bus. It’s not a sudden thing. It doesn’t just randomly show up. get a grip.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame the kids. I blame the dumb ass parents that don’t have the sense to tell their kids to get off their ass, be ready and get on the bus. You know damn good and well your kids are causing buses to be late, traffic backups, etc. It’s time parents did what parents are supposed to do. Teach your kid responsibility, respect for others.

Peace out fellow frustrated drivers. Signed Slightly

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