Stop Blaming Those Pagans For Halloween

I won’t deny that Halloween likely started hundreds of years ago as a pagan holiday. But, let’s be realistic, those devil worshiping people have some freaky, downright insane practices and handing out candy isn’t one of them. I can’t picture Satan saying if you love me and want to worship me, go to houses andContinue reading “Stop Blaming Those Pagans For Halloween”

What Do Non-Smokers And Dieters Have In Common?

That may seem like a strange question to you but believe it or not, they have a main issue in common. Have you noticed every non-smoker you meet will tell you how they hate cigarette smoke, how it’s killing you and them via second hand smoke. Never was hurting anyone until they quit and wellContinue reading “What Do Non-Smokers And Dieters Have In Common?”

Covid – Why Is No One Asking The Big Question?

After a couple of emails asking me to continue the blog, I realized maybe I do have other, if not fans at least readers, so maybe Slightly needs to stay a while. So let me ask you, why isn’t anyone asking the big question on Covid? Don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe Covid isContinue reading “Covid – Why Is No One Asking The Big Question?”