Dangers of Other People’s Bathrooms

Did you know, bidets are common place in almost every country except the US? They seem to be standard in nearly every house and even public bathrooms around the world. In fact, in many countries like the Philippines, you won’t find toilets, just bidets you squat over. Nice huh? Hope you got good knees. IfContinue reading “Dangers of Other People’s Bathrooms”

Penis Shrinkage – Yes You Read It Here First

With all the insane things about Covid going on I’m been at a loss to think up new ideas for my blog. I used to base it on the stupidity that I encountered daily, but that became so common it lacked being notable. However new things come to light if you look around. A followerContinue reading “Penis Shrinkage – Yes You Read It Here First”

What’s The Fascination With Feces?

Yes you read that right. What’s the human fascination with shit? It seems they always come up with weird ideas, but one I read about recently is a prime example of how stupid people can be. Because something cost a fortune it must be exotic. In the animal kingdom poop is just an everyday thingContinue reading “What’s The Fascination With Feces?”

The Stupidity of Human Beings Boggles My Mind

During a recent family visit, we got on a topic that nearly made me give up on our newest generation of adults. Well, that was until I realized there are even dumber people out there. You know those ones you meet, they open their mouths and your first thought is WTF is wrong with you?Continue reading “The Stupidity of Human Beings Boggles My Mind”