Reader Email – 2020 Worst Year Yet?

It’s rare Slightly gets email but I’ve actually had another reader ask a question so here goes. My first thought was why do people ask questions they know will force me to insult them? They wanted to know, with the death of George Floyd and Covid 19, wouldn’t I consider 2020 to be one ofContinue reading “Reader Email – 2020 Worst Year Yet?”

Tattoo’s – What The Hell Were You Thinking?

Ok, I try to stay out of the mainstream media and away from certain subjects but sometimes you can’t help but point out just how stupid some people are. Don’t get me wrong, Slightly is not opposed to tattoo’s but think it through before you decide on one. Tattoo’s can be cute, interesting, tell aContinue reading “Tattoo’s – What The Hell Were You Thinking?”