Follower’s Query – Opinions

As I sat in front of my keyboard, a follower emailed me just now on the subject of Facebook and social media comments. They questioned why we all feel the need to add our opinion, requested or not. I would hazard a guess that 90% of the time it was not requested and wasn’t a compliment.

I’m glad you asked and it’s simple, we are not only nosy and opinionated but brave when there is a computer screen between us and the other person. I find this especially true of the older generation making their way onto social media. It’s similar to my post last week about parents that feel the need to make rude comments to kids or grand kids. Many think I have a right because you posted, I have a right because I’m old or I have a right I’m your parent. Many just think people actually want their opinion. Well guess what. You have no damn right to share your opinion unless you were asked. In fact, if you weren’t asked, it’s likely no one wants to hear it or cares.

It seems because you sit behind a screen or keyboard it makes people even braver to make snide comments or tell you how to do things. I’ve seen social media comments about kids and people saying I wouldn’t give my kid that or you should have done this. The email today referenced quilters posting finished spreads and people commenting on what they should have done differently.

My followers, here is how you stop that. The same thing I advised for rude parents and grandparents, speak up. We all feel the need to be polite or ignore it. Well that just encourages them to continue. When someone puts this on your social media comment back, “thanks but no one asked your opinion”. Better yet if it’s something you made or created, how abut commenting back, “since you’re apparently the perfect writer, photographer, creator or quilter (whichever word applies), how about you post your last creation so I can critique it for you and tell you what you should have done to make it better”. I can almost guarantee you that shuts them up.

So in closing, when dealing with others yes be kind. Treat your fellow earth people with respect. Don’t be nasty. But, there is always a but, if they think it’s ok to tell you what you should have done, feel free to respond the same way. Worse comes to worse, try this. “Shut the hell up, no one asked you.” I hope this answers your question on how I feel about negative people on social media. Feel free to email anytime.

Peace out my fellow social media earth people.

Signed Slightly.


No one Rides For Free

I was at a jeep event recently and couldn’t help but laugh at the teens looking at a very common bumper/window sticker among the Jeeps. What made it so funny is I think it’s been around since I was a kid, which was a very long time ago.

The window/bumper sticker features a man humping a woman and reads – Gas or Ass, No One Rides for Free. I can see being an adolescent male teen how this is just too funny. It doesn’t really matter how old the thought is I guess. The girls however were passing by with “that’s so gross”.

Of course that got me thinking, and considering the name of this blog, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised where my mind wandered. I started noticing a lot of the Jeep owners now a days are women, many younger women. I could see how they wouldn’t put that sticker on their Jeep but couldn’t they use something just as funny. With that thought in mind, I developed a new bumper sticker just for female drivers. Forget Jeeps, I think every woman needs one on her car. I need to copyright this phrase but it’s doubtful most minds travel where mine does so wouldn’t likely think of it. So for all you lady Jeep drivers, next time you see that Gas or Ass sticker, proudly display this one courtesy of Slightly.


We all need a laugh for Mondays. Peace out my fellow earth drivers.

Signed Slightly.

Parents and Shaming

Let me preface this article with, I have the upmost respect for the elderly and our seniors. I think most don’t come near being treated the way they should or respected the way they deserve. That being said, being elderly or a parent doesn’t give you license to be nasty, mean, cruel or whatever word fits your vocabulary.

As parents we all fail. Yes, shocking but we do. We will all have days our kids think we were assholes, we’re mean, unloving, etc. Your job as a parent is to do the best you can. Love your kid the best you can. Raise your kid the best way you see fit. Treat your child to respect people, be kind and raise them to be a responsible adult. Teach them to love God and treat others well. We hear all the time “it’s not your job to be their friend”. And that is true. But it’s also not your job to belittle and shame them. It’s not your job to make them feel bad about themselves. To feel anything short or loved and cared for.

I know there’s makeup, hairdo’s, clothes, etc. that all make us feel better about ourselves, but bottom line, we all look exactly as God planned us to look. How we act is learned and I can’t tolerate parents that teach kids to be mean, or feel ugly, fat, unloved. The list goes on and on. It’s time we called out these parents, grandparents, step-parents, that seem to believe I can shame my kid into being better, to work harder, be skinnier and so on. All you are doing is raising a miserable child. You’re creating an adult that feels like their worth is based on looks, money, clothes or whatever your gripe is. It’s time people put their foot down and demand you stop. It’s time someone asked you, do you know how you’re affecting that child now and as an adult? It’s time someone told you how mentally damaging you are. How badly you affect the mental health of your children. When you are dead and gone, they will still deal with the feelings of being unaccepted, not good enough. Even if no one else does, your parents are supposed to be the ones you can count to love you, for you.

Many think well, I’m old, I can say whatever I want. You can, but it doesn’t make it right. It just makes you an old bully instead of a kid. This world is hard enough to navigate without people that are supposed to love you telling you, dress nicer, put on some make up, your hair is terrible, you’re fat. IT NEEDS TO STOP.

I grew up with a parent that found fault in everything. I can’t recall ever hearing a kind or loving word from them. But MANY years later, I remember the ugly comments, the insulting words, the lose weight comments, the do better comments. If you have nothing of value to add to your child’s life, nothing positive or encouraging to speak into their lives, here’s an idea. JUST SHUT UP. Close your lips, stop flapping your gums, stifle yourself. However you need to hear it, just SHUT UP. I spent a lot of my life feeling terrible for kids that grew up in foster care, had absent parents and so forth but as I get older and meet more parents, I think some kids would have been better off had they not been around. Hate and nasty comments from people that are supposed to love us do more damage than bullies ever could.

If your life is so unhappy, so miserable that you need to tear down other people, especially your own children and grandchildren, use the time you’d normally spend making nasty comments to figure it out why you feel the need to do it. Work on what makes you unhappy. Spend a little time in your bible and learn that we are to love each other.

Stop the shaming fellow earth parents.

Signed Slightly.

Take A Knee!

I thought this nonsense was past but it came up in a discussion last night so let me address it here, in my safe place – hahahaha. (See reference in prior post)

First let me say, I think you should boycott any team that allows this. Regardless of any players opinion, when you put on that uniform and step on that field, you are, plain and simple, an overpaid employee. The Dallas coach told every player that and you gotta respect him for making that clear.

Ever notice the only sport you see this in is football. You never see a hockey player take a knee. Well ok you do, but it’ with a hockey stick and results in a penalty. I don’t see NBA players on their knees while the national anthem plays. Ever think maybe we need to stop telling these jackasses they are heroes? How they hell does throwing a football make you a hero. We need to remind them that you’re some over paid, spoiled, loud mouth dumbass that likely got into college because you could play football.

That flag represents men and women that sign up to protect this country. To put themselves between you and anyone who threatens you and your family. No one went to the recruiting office saying sign me up cause I wanna kill. Well, except that guy in the Alice’s Restaurant song. If you know that reference, welcome boomers and Gen X followers.

You think throwing a ball or running across a field makes you an American Hero? Think again. It makes you someone with same talent some apes have. Wanna meet a hero? Next time you see a veteran or a man in uniform, walk up and introduce yourself to a hero. Next time you take that knee, say a prayer since you’re on your knees already for those men that died and were buried under that same flag so you could behave like a jackass. Without them you’d likely speak German or Japanese right now.

Every veteran and current solider is without question, the definition of an AMERICAN HERO. If you can’t respect the flag then you don’t respect the country so feel free to leave anytime.

Peace out my fellow Group W people.

Signed Slightly.

Generation Y

Generation Y. Can they possibly be as uninformed, naive, dare I say as ignorant, as they come across from the ones we hear?

As I waited for coffee this morning, I overheard 2 misguided, or plain dumb, young men talking about the military and how they are so “dumb to just blindly follow Trump and whatever he wants to do”. I had to ask myself, how are we educating our youth that they don’t understand how the military works? Do they really think you sign up then just pick and choose what you want to do? Can they be that clueless?

They have a new phrase “boomers”. A friend hit it on the head when he said that’s their answer when they don’t have the intelligence to make an actual response. What will they do when our generation is gone and not here to lead them? We are talking about adults that needed coloring books and play dough to help them cope with election results. College students that needed safe places to grieve their candidate not winning. Scary part is the colleges provided that and grief counseling.

Can you see these same people up for a promotion at work and they don’t get it? Do they think their employer is going to run in with a coloring book saying it’s ok, relax, you’re safe and maybe you’ll get it next time? Will your wife run in when you have a hard day and reassure you that all is well and here’s some play dough to relax? If she does, heads up she’s got a real man on the side cause no woman wants to brag she’s married to a coloring, pansy whimp that needs a safe room.

It’s 2020. Grow up, realize that life is what you make it. You don’t like the current President, governor, etc., stop crying wait 4 years and vote for someone else. People have done it for well over a hundred years. Quit being a whinny, entitled bitch. You aren’t entitled to a damn thing except whatever you earn yourself. So get a job instead of hanging out at the coffee house at 9am.

Peace out you tide pod eating morons.

Signed Slightly.

Pickles and the Government

So,, why is the government involved in the matter of pickles? Why would the US Supreme Court need to make a ruling on pickles? Don’t my tax dollars pay the salaries of the judges? Who approached the Supreme Court to make a ruling on this matter? It’s insane. It’s a huge waste of tax payer funds.

What prompted this insight? Well someone asked me today “a pickle is a vegetable right?” Not knowing the correct answer, I deferred to Mr Google. I am not sure exactly who Mr. Google is, but I swear he knows everything.

My search resulted in being stunned. The US Supreme Court ruled that a pickle, while thought to be a vegetable, contains seeds so is therefore a “fruit of the vine”. What baffles my mind isn’t the decision, but what idiot petitioned the court to rule on the pickle? It can take upwards of 2 years to get a case heard in front of the US Supreme Court. Why? Well apparently because they are tied up ruling on a pickle.

We are quickly becoming a world of plain simple nonsense. Who really in the grand scheme of things, cares whether a pickle is a fruit or a vegetable? You like them or you don’t.

So make sure to eat you veggies my fellow earth pickle eaters.

Signed, Slightly

Left Lane Drivers

It is just me or do you all fight the urge to smack people you encounter on the road?

I’m not sure which annoys me most. Left lane drivers, slow drivers, bad drivers, tailgaters? It seems never ending. People wonder why there is so much road rage? It’s because there are so many mindless drivers.

Forget being on the phone, eating in the car, screaming at your kids, etc. Those people just don’t know how dumb they are. But you tailgaters. Do you honestly think by driving on my bumper I will go faster? Are you really that ignorant? If I’m driving the posted speed and you sit on my bumper you can expect me to slow down. Especially you idiots that think if you tailgate me, I can some how drive faster than the vehicle you can clearly see right in front of me.

You slow drivers. Hey, wake up. If you are driving 45 in a 60 mph zone you ARE NOT a careful driver. You are a traffic hazard. When you see cars piling up behind pull over to the side or drive the posted speed. You are causing people to become angry, people try to pass you even if it’s unsafe, etc. Better yet, call Uber and stay off the road.

Now you left lane people. Hello, get the hell out of the left lane on the highway if you aren’t passing people. Don’t sit there thinking well they can go around me. You, like the slow people, have become a traffic hazard. There is simply no rational reason for you to be in that lane doing at or below the speed limit, other than you’re a complete dick.

So in conclusion, Don’t get in that passing lane and decide to stay there simply because you think everyone else is driving fast enough. YOU ARE NOT THE LANE POLICE

Drive safe and wheels on the pavement my fellow earth drivers.

Signed Slightly