The Hate Of The Day

We’ve all heard the flavor of the day. I think we have now embarked on the hate of the day.

I am so sick of catering to every issue to the extent that you’re supposed to be ashamed or feel bad because you’re white or get something special because you’re black or gay. I am sick of hearing black lives matter. No every life matters regardless of what color you are. Then we have black history month yet we tear down statues of white history. We have BET that I just recently found was Black Entertainment TV along with black entertainers award ceremony. Apparently it’s like the Oscar’s but you only qualify if you’re black. So what do you think would happen if we started WTV and white entertainers only award? I see crosses burning in the yard already.

While all of this wasn’t enough, we now have Asian history celebration along with new outcries about “stop the Asian hate”. Seriously? Hasn’t this shit gone on long enough? Aren’t Americans sick and tired of being told to stop hating this race or that ethnic group? Aren’t you tired of blaming one race for all your problems?

I have never woken up with a problem and blamed it on my color. I’ve never gotten into trouble and blamed it on my sexual preference or my religion. But then I am not parading in the streets screaming out my sexual preference. I’m not stopping my car for law enforcement and streaming foul language and names at law enforcement officers. I’m not demanding that America change it’s laws to cater to the country I hated so much I left.

How about this for a novel idea? If you live in America, you’re just American. If you prefer how it was in your Muslim country, how it was in your African country, how things were done in the middle east, etc. the solution is simple, move back there. If you hate how America does something, we have no laws that keep you here. If you can’t honor our flag and the people that have served or the people that have died defending it then pack a bag and get the hell out. There are plenty of countries that share your hate of America and you might even like one. Oh wait, I’m probably wrong about that. Those countries don’t give you the freedom to bitch and complain about hating them.

How about if we have celebrations and holidays that just promote stopping the hate period? Don’t tell people you have to love, like or tolerate someone based on anything other than the fact that they are a human being. Just stop the hate period.

Peace out fellow non-haters. Signed Slightly (


Why Does Anyone Want Breakfast In Bed

It seems to be the going thing for mother’s day, father’s day, hubby’s birthday, etc. But I have to ask, what’s the thrill of breakfast in bed?

You lay in bed farting half the night, copulating, procreating, bumping uglies, doing the horizontal tango or whatever you wanna call it, then sit there and eat? Hmm even when Slightly is humping on the kitchen table we can disinfect the table before I eat there again. Then comes tomorrow, you just ate in that bed now you go back and sleep in it? Does someone come change the linens between sex, breakfast and again before bed? More than likely the mess will be cleaned up by the woman eating the breakfast in bed.

Do you know how breakfast in bed started? It was a tradition for affluent men to eat in the dining or drawing room while his wife was served breakfast in bed by servants to enjoy a relaxing start of her day. Hmmm more like just being to damn lazy to get up and eat and men got to eat in peace.

I think Slightly will pass on eating where I fart and fornicate but thanks for the thought.

Peace out fellow bed eaters. Signed Slightly (

The Dumbest Shit You’ll Ever Hear

I swear if you wanna hear some dumb shit, I mean just plain old stupid shit, talk to a 20 something. I keep telling myself they can’t possibly be as dumb as they seem, but comments I hear tell me I am overestimating their intelligence. These are just lately.

Someone texted me last week and said here’s my new number. Being the nice person I am and not wanting the correct person to miss the message, I texted back you have the wrong number. They actually responded is your number xxx to which I said yes and they said well then I have the right number. I’m still debating which one of us was wrong.

I saw a FB post the other day that said “I had no idea football had been around longer than our government”. Someone commented they were wrong to which they responded “well we’ve had more than 50 superbowls and only 46 presidents. I wanted to comment then realized I would be wasting my time because you’ve heard it a hundred times, you can’t fix stupid.

I read a post where 2 people were arguing about it being wrong to use the phrase Chinese virus. I had hope for the other guy when he said why, “it’s like Chinese food, it’s the region it came from”. Then I lost all hope when at some point in the argument he posted “well just bomb their Chinese asses like we did after their pearl harbor shit”. Again I could have pointed out that was Japan but why bother.

We picked up a phone by mistake so we looked up what was listed as Mom and sent a text saying “if you know who owns this phone please tell them I picked it up by mistake and to call me”. A text came back saying hey “Adam, someone found your phone”. Hmmmm I’ll let you think on that one.

Saw a text last week where a friends son texted his friend asking where’s my car, you promised to bring it back Friday. I thought the response was a joke but apparently not. He responded back “drove by your house twice and your car wasn’t there so I figured you weren’t home. Call me when you’re home”. Do not let people this dumb drive your car.

Peace out fellow boomers. Signed Slightly.

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Insane Covid Bans

Well since I have gone current affairs instead of demented things I hear, I decided to do some research into the weird regulations and bans that have been put in place due to Covid. Once you read most you might think I’m gone back to humor but seriously, I verified all these. So here goes some of the best.

Spain has banned smoking in public places due to Covid. I hadn’t heard they now linked Covid to cigarettes. Why am I the last to know?

How many things during Covid have you worried about if you need to fly? Is the plane clean? How many people are squeezed in there? The air is recycled, etc. Well in Brazil it seems the President has bigger concerns. Pillows are now banned on all airline flights in Brazil. What the heck does he have against poor innocent pillows?

New Zeland lets you travel and come home but it will cost you. Upon returning home you must quarantine in a government monitored facility or hotel. I hope it’s a nice one because it runs $3,100 for the first adult, $950 for your spouse and $475 for each child. Hey, at least they feed you.

South Africa lifted their ban on alcohol which is good because they banned selling any shoes without closed toes and any short sleeve shirts unless worn with a jacket over them. You’re going to need a drink just to make sense of that one. It’s freaking hot in Africa.

Now here are my 3 favorites. First up is Russia. Here’s a country with roughly 42 million people and less than 3,000 cases of Covid 19. Yes you read that right. I assume Covid doesn’t like freezing weather and food shortage but the government says it’s because everyone is getting vaccinated and cannot leave home without a mask and gloves. Hmm I thought they determined Covid was airborne not on surfaces but hey, Russia knows best.

2nd Place goes to Illinois and Michigan. They banned dancing. I can’t say I found a viable reason for that but then nothing those whack job governors in Michigan and Ohio do seems to have even a logical reason.

And first place for the dumbest possible Covid suggestions is . . . . . drum roll . . . . New York. I bet that didn’t surprise a damn one of you. They have taken mask wearing to a whole new level. The health department there is encouraging use of them even during sex. They included this in their guidelines “. “Be creative with sexual positions and physical barriers, like walls, that allow sexual contact while preventing close face-to-face contact.” You can’t make that shit up.

To make matters more interesting, I guess Canada didn’t wanna be left out of weird so they were even more explicit. Their public service guidelines read “Use barriers, like walls (eg glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact.” I kid you not.

By the way I know you’re thinking Slightly has gone mad and you’re gonna jump on google and check it out but please, don’t google “glory hole”. Some things you can’t un-see and likely don’t want to know about. It’s a hole in the wall of usually a public place so just use your imagination.

Peace out fellow fed up Americans. Signed Slightly (

Enough Bitching (hmm complaining) Already

Is it just me or are you sick and freaking tired of people bitching and complaining? I swear I think I hear it everywhere I go and about every possible subject.

Picking up my taxes today a man is complaining to his CPA about the taxes he owes. Please shut up. He didn’t set the tax rate. He didn’t rake in the dough all year and not pay in what you owed. Bottom line is everyone pays taxes. Don’t wanna pay taxes, have your address declared a sovereign state and don’t pay any. Just remember when your house catches on fire don’t dial 911 cause you didn’t pay any taxes to fund that fire department. Oh and you’ll need a ride to the store and work because you didn’t pay anything to put in or repair those roads.

This week I read an entire article just complaining about how bad the police are in their area because they questioned kids hanging around where there was a robbery. How they abuse their power and should be defunded. Well just remember, when your kid gets beat up or knifed for his tennis shoes, or your house is broken into and your wife beaten and attacked, don’t pick up that phone. You want those police defunded till shit happens to you. You dial 911 and scream someone is in your house and you expect they drop everything and show up. Next time you handle it. Shoot them, call the next of kin, bury them then hash out in the media and court if you were right. That’s what you expect the police to do.

Yesterday a lady in the dollar store was bitching about the quality of something to the cashier. First she didn’t make it and second, clam up you’re in a freaking dollar store. It cost a dollar even after paying import fees to ship here from China so figure it is worth maybe .10 cents.

I have a friend that every day I meet him my first thought is what’s he gonna bitch about today and in 10 years he has never failed to let me down. He always has a new topic that has pissed him off.

Every realize all the stupid shit people bitch about?

Free wifi is too slow. Phone solicitors. Slow mail. Traffic. Weather and my favorite is the toilet seat left up. People relax and take a break from bitching. You can’t change a damn thing about any of these so just shut up. Well, ok maybe the toilet seat left up but here’s an idea. Take about 3 seconds of your time, reach over and close it. In fact, women you know men need the seat up so why aren’t you returning it to that position when you leave? Oh and by the way, unless you walk on water quite complaining about typos, contrary to what you think, you aren’t perfect.

There is simply too much bitching in this world. I guarantee you could do virtually anything nice, kind, etc. and someone will find a reason to complain about it. Relax, you only live once and that’s enough if you do it right.

Peace out my fellow tired Americans. Signed Slightly (

Left Handed People

Being left handed has it’s challenges that’s for sure. The biggest one I see is at least once a week I hear, “Oh, you’re left handed”. Almost every time I want to say, no why or better yet, duhhh. This might be a little long but you’d be amazed at some of the differences.

Being lefthanded for several decades there are some things I just never notice much anymore. But, sometimes like today, I will hear again, are you left handed when people see you do something and reminds me that there is no doubt we live in a righthanded world. Thought I’d share some interesting things about being lefthanded that many people might not know.

First off stop asking, are you lefthanded. Do you know it’s a proven fact we hear that at least every 60 minutes over our lifetime. It’s obvious if I’m using my left hand that I’m lefthanded and it makes you sound like an idiot for asking. Do you know that less than 10% of the world population is lefthanded but almost 50% of dogs tend to favor using their left paw? I didn’t even know that one. Also seems we are prone to schizophrenic and alcoholic issues. This unfortunately explains a lot of my life.

Lefthanded people are more adaptable, especially in sports. Because we are used to being a minority we can more easily adapt to doing things differently. Apparently we are 20 times more prone to serious illness but how do they actually know that. Here’s a few more tidbits:

Being lefthanded comes from gene activity in your spinal cord not anything to do with your brain development.

Number pads on keyboards are impossible for lefthanded people to use correctly.

Can openers are impossible. Tape measures and butter knives are upside down and coffee cups are backwards for lefthanded people. Eating in a booth is nearly impossible for lefthanded people. We either bump elbows or bump the wall. Sit at a table though and even your own family will stop and debate what chair you need to sit in.

Remember the old school desk with the side table. Try using one of those lefthanded. It was a struggle for 12 years of school. Using a computer mouse is compromised as it’s designed for right handed people.

90% of guns have the magazine release button on the right side which is a huge deal if you’re lefthanded and finding a lefthanded holster is not easy.

Things I bet you never knew we pay a lot more for if something is made for lefthanded people: lefthanded scissors, spiral notebooks, printed coffee cups and guitars. If you don’t wanna shell out a lot more for a lefthanded guitar, you have to hold it upside down and restring it. Jimi Hendrix adapted and is even today one of the most iconic lefthanded guitar players. There’s Paul McCarthy but let’s face it, he’s no Jimi Hendrix.

My two favorite things are writing. I always have ink or pencil on my hand or smear the page. Because we write left to right my hand goes across what I just wrote. And the other is the barista coffee where they make you that fancy heart shape on the top of the cup with milk. Well not so pretty if you’re lefthanded. Instead of a pretty little heart you end up with what closely resembles a ball sac.

So people stop asking are you lefthanded. Take a minute and realize how adaptable we are and ask yourself could you function as well. And I guarantee, after reading this, you will notice every lefthanded person in movies or TV shows. You’re welcome.

And lefthanders, if you feel left out you can always move to West Virginia. They have a township called Left Hand. While it’s named after a nearby creek, we can still believe it’s a place for us.

Peace out fellow southpaws. Signed Slightly (

Damn I’m On A Roll Today So Let’s Talk Vaccines

I don’t care what anyone says, you will not change my mind, these vaccine protocols have a hidden agenda. No I don’t think you’ll be microchipped or tagged in some way but trust me, there is something else going on here.

I saw a news blip this weekend and I couldn’t believe what I heard. It’s not enough people have been terrified by the press into taking what I think is an unsafe vaccine, but the new trend is downright blackmail and will again cost taxpayers to again shell out unheard of increases in taxes.

Did you know the government is offering companies tax breaks if they can get employees to get the vaccines? And companies are responding. Here’s what you need to be asking. How much tax breaks or taxes do you write off for big companies like Walmart if they are offering employees $250 to get the vaccine? They have thousands of employees so if they can pay each of them $250, the tax breaks have to be insane amounts. We have our government paying out billions in stimulus checks, federally funding every unemployed person to the tune of $300 additional dollars per week and now billions in tax breaks to get people to take vaccines. Who do you think is going to make up all this extra money needed? HELLO, you as taxpayers. The government isn’t taking any pay cuts or cutting spending so the money has to come from somewhere.

Hell in NJ you can get a state paid for beer if you get a vaccine. In West Virginia the state will pay for a manicure/pedicure for you if you get a vaccine or a savings bond if you’re a teenager. NY and Illinois are offering paid concert tickets but only for those vaccinated. Maryland will pay all state employees $100 and hell, in Detroit you not only get a $50 gift card but they will send someone to drive you there and home.

Do you think you aren’t going to pay the price? They have to recoup these costs somehow. Been to a fast food place lately. The forced minimum wage of $13-15 an hour and across the board unemployment approval has them left trying to operate with virtually no staff. Grocery stores have gone to self checkouts because they can’t pay those wages or cashiers.

Please look around people. It’s just the start of governmental control. The more you need from them, the more they control you. When will you wake up? Will it be before or after your teenagers are waiting in line to pay $8 a gallon for gas, if they can even get it. Shortages are expected on nearly everything as truck drivers are also finding it easier to get that check than drive that truck. We are in crisis and we allowed our elected officials to put us here.

Peace out. Signed Slightly (

Take A Knee – I Tried To Ignore the Controversy

Not being a big football fan, Slightly doesn’t watch unless friends are over but I still hear about the controversy over the take a knee crap. I had hoped it was all over now but a marine veteran asked me about it this weekend. Since I had a strong opinion (imagine that), I thought I’d share it with you. Aren’t you lucky.

Here’s my view on this take a knee bullshit. Football is a national past time in America. Games have always started with the National Anthem. What is there to offend you about a flag? It denotes no race, no religion, no sexual preference. It stands for nothing other than the country you live in. It symbolizes the strength and unity of the USA. If you don’t like the flag that represents your country, there are many other countries you can move to. Maybe you’ll get lucky and pick another one that kills people who disrespect their country or flag.

These athletes think they are making a statement but they only think that because the NFL and society have told them they are something special. They’ve been told they are entitled to be worshipped and they are heroes because they can catch or throw a ball. Hell my dog throws his own ball then runs and gets it. Doesn’t that make him a bigger hero than those that can only do one or the other? And he doesn’t get paid shit.

You want to meet some heroes? I mean real people that deserve your respect and support. The ones that gave these asswipes the privilege to take a knee. Go to your local FVW, there’s once in every town. Go to restaurants, bars, grocery stores and see how many walk in that door wearing a marine, army or air force uniform. Better yet, go to your local cemetery and look at gravestones. Many cities even have military cemeteries so you won’t have to look far. Go look at the Vietnam wall. Those are the men and women that deserve to be called heroes. Many came home and were disrespected, spit on, cussed at and protested and we tell kids some jackass that can throw a ball is a hero. What bullshit are we teaching kids.

My question is – when did our idea of what a hero is include football? When did we tell football players you are something special. If they aren’t, they wouldn’t feel the need to “make a statement” as no one would give a shit what they thought. The NFL survives on people crazy enough to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars to watch football. The NFL survives because advertisers pay millions to be seen on TV at the same time. Funny they have forgotten those people buying tickets are Americans. Those people seeing all those ads are Americans.

NFL owners should have stood up and stopped this bullshit. We are all entitled to an opinion. It’s what makes this country great, or it was great before Obama and Biden. Once a player puts on that uniform, he is an employee of whoever owns that team. That owner could have shut this down before it got crazy but they choose not to. Those owners and the NFL franchise could have stepped in and said have an opinion on your own time like every other employer in the world. But they chose not to. Why? Were they afraid the players would quit? Yeah tell them they have to stand and they’ll throw away that 5 million plus a year contract. Like that will happen. Were they afraid they would get some backlash. Hell, from who?

I’ve heard so many people say I won’t watch football again but the ratings are as high as ever. We as Americans have lost our pride and social outrage. We stand firm in our convictions until playoff games begin. Think there is nothing you can do? Think again.

Maybe the NFL doesn’t care but let’s be honest, it’s all a money game. If 1 out of every 10 Americans called, wrote or emailed those sponsors and advertisers and said you know what, as long as you sponsor football I won’t buy your product, you’d see things change in less than a week, guaranteed. If even 1 out of 100 said to Budweiser next time a sport you sponsor has a player take a knee, I’ll never buy your product again, you’d never hear another word about it.

Step up people and stop taking the shit that gets heaped on Americans. First it was football and taking a knee to protest our flag, then it was Nascar that said you can pay hundreds for season tickets but we’ll throw you out if you display a confederate battle flag anywhere. You’re told you have no right to your heritage. They went as far as to say if you don’t leave they’ll have you arrested for trespassing. Now Amazon blocks sellers and internet customers that don’t share their political opinion or support their same candidate. Coca Cola tells you be less white. WTF is that anyway?

Shit people, aren’t you fed up with all this bullshit? If you aren’t, reach out and and please tell me why. Slightly is damn sick and tired of being constantly told I should be ashamed to be American or that people deserve something based on color or get special treatment because you scream I’m gay. Basically, Slightly is just damn sick and tired period.

Peace out fellow protesters. Signed Slightly (

Our Current Government

Once again I preface this with it was not my intention to include politics in my blog. I had intended to keep this more along the lines of the insane, funny things I encounter or that simply pop into my head daily, hence the name of this blog. However, looking at our current “president” and his staff, let’s be honest, they are one of the biggest jokes at the moment. But hey Administrator Biden has managed to cure Covid.

How do I know he cured Covid you might ask? Well thru the beginning of January we received daily news with these terribly growing Covid numbers. Now a few short months later, viola no Covid updates, no daily numbers, no 24 hour a day death rates on the news. Thank you Administrator Biden. We are certainly blessed to have elected you. Dang even I almost gagged typing that last sentence.

But seriously now, is it just me or does anyone else see how this fool and his insane new laws, ideas, etc. are destroying this country? You were told close your business, stay home, avoid family and friends, wear a mask. All to prevent the spread of Covid yet here we are a year later and it’s still here so masks and isolation did nothing except further increase the dissolution of our national economy. Governors across the country are accepting that fact and reopening their states before they bankrupt everyone but that POS (piece of shit in case you don’t know) steps in, tries to overstep states and reclose things. Was thrilled to hear that the Florida governor told him to Fuck off.

I think the government has used this as a scape goat for everything but let’s face it, this country has been slipping downhill for a long time. The USA was a world super power. Then we got Obama. It was bad enough you told people you are entitled based on race or that because one police officer is bad, you should rise against them all, but then bowing to the kings of Muslim and other countries, backing down from that deranged nut that runs North Korea. This is the US of Fucking A and we don’t bow and we don’t run. North Korea wants to threaten the US? Teach him what Japan learned and nuke him into non-existence. Tell Muslim countries that you can live and act anyway you like in your country but don’t come here and try that stupid bullshit or you live with what the result of those actions are. Hell when they break OUR laws, lets use the punishments their countries do. Bet things change quick after a few public hangings or beheadings. I’ll even volunteer to tie that noose.

But I digress. This country really has become a joke to not only the world but the ones that live here also. The government has within a year, systematically destroyed our economy. They’ve closed businesses that were barely hanging on to start with. They’ve offered “free” loans to close yet pay employees but those loans are on the back of the backs of the taxpayer. Then they pay unemployment rates of twice people’s normal pay so they don’t work and now those struggling businesses have to pay back loans they were told were free because employees won’t work. They have put our country into a situation that we likely can’t recover from.

First they said don’t work, stay home. When people didn’t, they forced businesses to close so people couldn’t go to work. When that still didn’t work we as lazy Americans fell for this shit where we pay you not to work. The Almightly Dollar. Get $15 an hour to sit home and collect a government check. But as usual, we jump for free money.

Well people, nothing is free. The world leaders around the globe must be laughing their asses off. What was once a great nation is simply a quickly growing blister on the ass of the world. I can’t think of anything this administration could possibly do to further destroy our national economy but trust me, those jackasses certainly will. If this country survives this bullshit and our economy bounces back, it will be nothing short of a miracle from the good Lord.

By the way, as you click exit, ask yourself one thing. How is it we have a MAJOR workforce shortage across the country (yes every freaking state in the US) yet our unemployment numbers are higher now than they were last year in the middle of all this Covid bullshit? Why is no one asking that Fucktard Biden to explain this?

Peace out fellow fed up Americans. Signed Slightly (


White privilege. If I hear this phrase one more time I think I might puke or slap the shit out of someone when it comes out of their mouth, whichever enters my mind first. Do you know the definition of the word privilege? Do even half the people spouting that phrase on a daily basis know the definition of that word?

Privilege is defined as a special right given to or only available to a particular group of people. While “white privilege” may have existed in this country in the past, it sure as hell doesn’t today so stop pissing and whining about it. We are so far from white privilege that most people have no idea what it even means. It’s become just another excuse for shitty people to behave like assholes.

Take affirmative action. If 2 people apply for a job, have the same qualifications and one is a minority, the government says I need to hire the minority regardless if he/she is a total douche and the other is better suited for the job. Doesn’t that define privilege? Doesn’t that say the minority person isn’t smart enough or good enough on his own merit that you have to force me to hire them? If you are bidding on a contract and the other bidder is the same price, situation, etc. but minority or woman owned they get first preference. Again privilege.

I won’t discuss what race Slightly is as it doesn’t matter in this instance. Race issues in this country were getting better, then we had that nut Obama come along. He told people if there is one bad police officer they are all bad and should be treated like shit. Well Slightly damn sure isn’t jumping in front of a bullet for you for $30k a year. We’ve got the new political nuts telling you it’s ok to riot or attack people based on color. Obama told people that based on your skin color you deserve something. Bullshit. Just like we wanna scream about white privilege, we should have been standing up and saying NO ONE gets special treatment based on skin color.

Because some one’s ancestors were sold into slavery doesn’t mean we deserve a damn thing. Slave traders and people that could afford to buy them profited off the backs of those ancestors, and now every black man and woman screaming reparations is doing the same damn thing. You’re trying to make money off that person that was forced into slavery and it had no affect on you. It was a terrible time in this history of our country but it wasn’t just our country, it was world wide. Long before the Dutch salve traders hit Africa, Gaelic raiders kidnapped and enslaved people from across the Irish Sea for two centuries. Irish people were given passage to America as indentured servants. Most were never able to be released from work as they owed for travel, food, housing, etc. Most were mistreated and abused. Many were young children. Many were treated as bad and in some cases worse than the slaves sent here. Let’s also remember that most Dutch traders bought the people they hauled here from their own governments. Thank God it’s a time in our history that can never be repeated but it damn sure needs to be remembered. If you forget how bad things were it’s easier to let them revert back to those situations.

With all that being said, enough of the white privilege bullshit. It simply doesn’t exist in our society today. Today we are demanding people apologize for being white. Hell if you’re Coca Cola you’re hiring people and demanding they act less white. WTF is less white? You don’t even have to be white to stop and ask that. It’s the same all over the world. There are bad white people. There are bad black people, there are bad police officers and there are without a doubt, bad criminals.

Along the same lines, I heard a man yesterday screaming about law suits because a place wouldn’t rent to him because he was gay. Well how is who he’s banging an issue unless you make it one? I have rented a lot of houses/apartments, etc. Never once has the person renting the property asked if I was gay, bi, trans, or whatever new sexual preferences there are these days. They’ve asked am I honest. Do I pay my bills but never once have they asked who I dip my wick in. I guess if you’re banging on the door screaming I’m queer, I’m here and I demand you rent to me because of that, it might be your attitude not whether your a top or bottom that makes them not want you there. You looked like a problem before they ever let you move in.

We need to stop glorifying the race card, the I’m gay card, blaming specific professions for bad people’s behavior. People in general suck so stop demanding you get any privilege while you bitch about someone else getting it.

So peace out fellow fed up Americans. Signed Slightly –